Newly formed JC and the Looney Tunes Band

the loony tunes 1

Newly formed JC and the Looney Tunes Band are set to release exciting new track ‘Lost in Space’ on April 1st

Likened to Eric Church, Blackjack Billy and The Lost Trailers, the diverse band is a refreshing addition to the music scene. Made up of JC, Justin Curran, an extremely talented musician from Belfast, Alex Bealey on banjo and lapsteel guitar, Matthew Romeril on lead guitar, Adam Routier on base and Karl Everett on drums. Each member brings their own personality and love of music to the mix. The new single showcases the multiple talents of the band, with a solid drum beat, impressive guitar riffs and the smooth vocals, layered with fun harmonica instrumentals.

After his move to the Channel Island of Jersey JC had a successful career as a solo artist. He produced a solo album written, recorded and produced by himself, was featured on his local radio station BBC Radio Jersey Introducing and even played a gig for Katie Price’s Waterstones book signing. However, he felt the time was right to find a band to record with. JC formed the JC and the Looney Tunes Band with a very particular idea of the sounds he wanted to create, having found some brilliant musicians he now feels the calibre of the band couldn’t be better.

The story behind track ‘Lost In Space’ is one of loss, based on a mischievous night out with friend and film director/script writer Peter Dunphy. The next morning JC bumped into Peter to find him white as a sheet, however not due to the hangover but because the night before he lost a script he’d been writing for three years! So the track is a reflection of what is lost, but the beat and instrumentals can’t disguise the band’s upbeat, cheeky vibe.

The band has high hopes for the future, with plans to play on a booze cruise around the Channel Islands, and focusing on recording new material and music videos with the help of producer Wilson Nash and Darren Richardson respectively. You will be able to see the band at numerous UK festivals this summer, while JC will be heading to Nashville in the autumn to play some solo gigs.

The new track is out on April 1st, you can listen and check out the video here: