Band To Watch: Novacaine Nothing

Introducing Novacaine Nothing and their EP ‘Noughts and Crosses’

London based Novacaine Nothing are bringing their own take on metal to a wider audience this year with their first major release. The ‘Noughts and Crosses’ EP featuring lead single ‘Closure’ is a heady mix of grunge, rock and nu metal in the style of Slipknot, Korn and Stone Sour.

Listen to ‘Closure’ here:

“Noughts and Crosses” is a metaphor for ups and downs, wins and losses or pains and triumphs one procures over time. The opening track ‘Kill You’ is about the notion of duality in personality when one is an addict. Second track ‘Smiling’ tackles depression and people’s perception whilst

‘Generation’ is a brilliantly generic ‘fight’ song about letting the world burn. Final track ‘Closure’ is about finding perfection in finality, to come to the end of the road and to transcend it.

‘Noughts and Crosses’ will be available from 18th December

NN press shot