Album Release – January – Ambient Zone


Following the success of 2013’s The Ambient Zone, (“an excellent compilation from the always interesting Just Music label” The Sunday Times) this is the Just Music’s second beautiful journey into the immersive world of ambient electronica. The atmosphere over the twelve tracks of ‘winter music’ perfectly encapsulates the approaching mood of quiet introspection, comfort in solitude and promise of the new, following the long dark silent nights.

The journey opens with the cinematic elegance of Digitonal’s Sentinel, flowing mesmerically on to Afterhere’s captivating On Wings, from there meandering into the sultry beauty of Chris Coco’s New Age Sunrise. The dreamy piano of Jon Hopkins’ bewitching Autumn Hill then takes its hold, closely followed by the dark mystery of Sam Thomas’s Seeing or Agreeing.

Previous compilations in the series:

  • Just Music Café Vol 4: The Ambient Zone
  • Just Music Café Vol 3: Poolside Beats
  • Just Music Café Vol 2: AM:PM

Just Music Café Vol 1: Acoustic & Beats