Canadian Singer-Songwriter With Touching New Single!

The single ‘Always Go Home’ is out on 6th May 2016

Aka V is now starting a solo career with her melodic pop ode to the big cities and the reflection of the ups and downs of a young artist on the rise in her upcoming single release.

With a beautiful and catchy song portrayal of what life is like growing up and pursuing one’s dreams, Canadian singer-songwriter Aka V is embarking upon a bright future as a musician.

With a songwriting style that reminds of brilliant female artists such as Sheryl Crow or Shania Twain and a vocal interpretation which hints on Gwen Stefani, Aka V has all the right ingredients for a promising start in the industry.

Her single ‘Always Go Home’ is an autobiographical account of a young woman leaving her home and aiming for the big city to realise her ambitions of becoming a musician.