Rock And Funk Vibes – BULL FUNK ZOO

Bull Funk Zoo is set to release his inner animal with a solid blend of rock and funk elements in his new single ‘Would You’.


Time Out Dubai has described Bull Funk Zoo as “Dubai’s most recognisable vocal chords” praised his debut album, which featured Hamdan Al Abri, as mixing Hendrix style riffing, Red Hot Chili Peppers-ish rock-funk and a dirty garage stomp, on a record complete with both soulful yearners, up-tempo burners, and plenty of retro funk-flavoured grooves.”

His upcoming single release ‘Would You?’ takes up where the album left off by bringing back energy-driven rock’n’funk glory with a great portion of experimental open-mindedness.

But this time Bull Funk Zoo sang, performed all the instruments, wrote, recorded and produced the single all himself.

The Single ‘Would You’ is out on 29th April 2016.