W.A.L.E. release new album ‘Come Together’

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W.A.L.E come through with this incredibly well-rounded rock album that seems to draw from an array of different influences. The major inspirations seem to be Tom Petty and Pink Floyd – the band melding big anthemic choruses  with psychedelic guitars and proggy synths. On top of this are other stylistic flavours. Title track ‘Come Together’ is a funky summer jam containing horns. ‘Let’s Go To The Sun’ is a tropical reggae infused song sporting steel drums. ‘If I Knew’ meanwhile carries a tinge of electronica.

The diversity and talent on display is the result of many years of experience. W.A.L.E. formed in 2000. They have released three previous albums, this being their fourth, and have toured across the States.

Listen to the album below:



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