New eclectic album Call of The Ancient Love from Stan Gemes blends Hindu, Russian and English into a captivating sonic cocktail

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music …I get most joy in life out of music.” –Albert Einstein

The words of Albert Einstein have influenced many across the globe and across decades but it is rare to have him as a musical influence.  This is how the musical innovator Stan Gemes sets out his vision for the debut album ‘Call Of Ancient Love’, with a musical thoroughness that would make Einstein proud combining studious efforts relating to cultures as diverse as Hindu, English and Russian.

Stream live fest version of ‘Call of the Ancient Love’:

The album is truly inspirational from astonishingly intricate packaging to the way it has been crafted which has entailed travelling to over 60 countries of the World for inspiration, from the golden beaches of San Francisco to the serenity of virgin Russian plains, during which he collected more than 600 CDs. Within the musical landscape of this album, you may well come across influences from Asian flutes to New York’s Broadway shows, the beauty and  intensity of African ethnic drums right through to Hispanic beats and ancient Indian choirs, a truly infectious musical cocktail.

Call of The Ancient Love was inspired by a life changing experience involving a mesmerising spiritual performance carried out by an Indian tribe, the power of which he felt ‘arose that night and made each and every single observer at this event embrace emotionally the musical traditions of their own country.’ The impact of that night made him develop a deep love of Indian cultural manuscripts and traditions , then ultimately create the album with the only title he felt fitted, that being , ‘Call of Ancient Love’.

This album is not just meant to be experienced on a music level it is also supposed to help in some ways to de-stress and untangle the worries of the listener. He simply wants those who get into his music to be hypnotized by its natural rhythm, taking the listener to a spiritual level, ‘breathing in the joy of music and breathing out the peace of the music.’ It is a case of wanting everyone who hears the album to feel they are creating their own movie in their own mind – an uplifting and moving musical experience.

Call of Ancient Love is set for release July 18th


Atlas Bound – Softer Still

LA based electronic writing duo Atlas Bound and the latest Bose ambassadors formed just under a year ago. After growing up together on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the pair have developed a future folk sound that was labelled ‘one of summer’s sexiest songs’ by Noisey and nominated by Stoney Roads as breakthrough producer of the year in 2014.

Currently releasing on LA based Next Wave Records, the duo have amounted million’s plays on Soundcloud and featured on youtube blogs including La Belle Musique and The Sound You Need. They have been featured in Spotify’s ‘One’s to watch’ playlist as well as front page Itunes.

The pair’s music is unique, described by Earmilk as soul-tronica, blending innovative production with a focus on songwriting. While they cite influences like Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye, Atlas Bound has been compared to contemporaries James Blake and Glass Animals.

Swimming Tapes – Set The Fire

Only the second track thus far from this London band but the buzz is already palpable, with numerous blog posts and attention from BBC Radio 1. All of which follows a much-talked-about set at The Great Escape this past week. Ones to watch.

Adam Lanceley – the man who was told he would never walk or talk again after a childhood brain injury – now a marathon runner and singer-songwriter

After a brain injury left him unable to walk or talk, marathon-runner and singer-songwriter Adam Lanceley has defied all odds, now releasing his new creative single ‘The Dream of Yesterday’.

As a child, Adam Lanceley was involved in car crash suffering a crushed pelvis, damage to his legs and a serious brain injury. Doctors said it would be unlikely that he’d ever walk or talk again. Determined to prove them wrong, Adam has since achieved incredible feats.

Watch this video to hear his story:

Presented by the late HRH Princess Diana, Adam’s recovery was so remarkable that he was one of 150 children to achieve the McDonald’s Child of Achievement. Before realising his passion for music, his sights were set on acting, getting offered a place at The BRIT school (which he now regrets turning down!).

Adam was still able to find a place at East 15 Acting School, but soon found acting wasn’t for him: ‘This might have been a step too far – coupled with my vulnerable nature, a side effect of my head injuries, it had a detrimental impact on my mental health. I began to find acting too restrictive & had a lot of my own feelings that I would rather express in my own way, rather than someone else’s ideas in a script.

Choosing to pursue a music career, Adam has already released several albums slowly developing his sound into the unique brand it is today. Deliberately relying on an old-skool production style and using unconventional instrumentation, his new colourful album Postcards From Then… is a must-listen for anyone looking for something a little left-field.


Stream here on Soundcloud:

If learning to speak again wasn’t already impressive enough, Adam has pushed himself to become a singer, developing his own unique vocal style: ‘I still have the gift of being able to communicate emotion and feeling through my music. What makes it more meaningful to me is that relearning my life skills includes having to learn to talk again.

Adam is dedicated to raising money for The Brain and Spine Foundation and has run a number of 10k runs and two marathons in support.


Postcards From Then… is set to be released May 23rd




Breakin’ Out touches on many themes, primarily the importance of being in the moment, the right now.

Life can be tricky. Life can dictate a narrative for you if you let it. Don’t let it! Songs are delivered with a wry smile and at times lonesome clarity.

Recorded in ‘The Meadow’ in Wicklow by The Deaf Brothers at the beginning of 2016, this record is sure to enhance your summer. These nine new songs see Dublin’s Glimmermen expand on their core guitar, bass, and drums line-up, adding brass arrangements to embellish the stripped-back sound of their critically acclaimed debut I’m Dead (2013). The result is a more accessible album, while still retaining the distinctive cutting edge of their live shows.

Glimmermen take rock and roll back to its primitive core. having quickly earned a reputation for their intense live shows, the band — Gav Cowley (guitar, vocals), J. Bassetti (bass), Phil Murray (drums), snf Dave Prendergast (trumpet) — released their debut EP Satellite People in 2012 with comparisons to Television, Pop Group and Mission of Burma. They followed up with their J. Robbins-produced debut I’m Dead in 2013. Since then, they have played shows up and down the country including festivals such as Electric Picnic.

Breaking’ Out will be available on vinyl LP, digital download and streaming.
Breakin’ Out
Transduction Records
June 17, 2016

Review Stream/Download: Breakin’ Out





Norwegian pop singer Line Mari releases catchy and crisp single ‘Crush’

Hailing from Norway, fresh pop singer Line Mari releases this rock-infused pop song set to appear on her upcoming album.

Featuring some gorgeous vocals and crisp production, ‘Crush’ was recorded with the help of producer Rob Cass who has worked with the likes of Robbie Williams, Will Young and Paloma Faith.

Stream the song here:

Having played guitar and piano since the age of 10, Line has long had a passion for music, her mother often telling her she could feel her dancing in the womb. She started writing her own songs and performing to people as a late teenager, although she was very shy at first. However, this shyness also helped to fuel her songwriting, making her lyrics more personal and introspective.

Releasing her debut EP Fly High Fly Low in 2014, Line has already gained some recognition in Norway, her EP receiving acclaim from critics including a top score of 6 from Utropia. Her single ‘Why do I Cry’ was even played on national radio.

“Line Mari’s voice is just indescribably amazing’ –  Elza Böröndy, Utropia

A highly versatile musician, Line not only sings and writes her own music, she also plays a number of instruments include guitar, piano and harmonica (she is currently also learning to play the fiddle). She has a keen interest in vintage music and vintage guitars and owns several custom made guitars and her own custom-made pedal-board.

Line was born in Tromsø, also living for some time in Svalbard, one of the most Northerly inhabited places in the world. As a child, she grew up regularly witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights, as well as once having a close encounter with a polar bear whilst at Kindergarten.

Having already played a gig in Bedford and recorded in London, the singer is now looking to spread word of her talents to the UK.


New release by Coast Modern – Friday tune “Guru”

US chill pop group Coast Modern have released a new track – Guru – and it’s just as good as their last!

Coast Modern are a shape-shifting Los Angeles-based duo who infuse their breezy, west coast electro-pop with elements of hip-hop, indie rock, and psych-pop, Coast Modern is the brainchild of Seattle native Luke Atlas and L.A.-based Coleman Trapp.

Have a listen to Guru on Soundcloud here:

The pair met in 2013 as struggling songwriters in the crowded Southern California hitmaking scene. After two years of failing to cast their creations into the mainstream, Atlas retreated to Denver, Colorado to get a little perspective, and began writing songs for himself, rather than the latest tastemaker. He would send theses noodlings back to Trapp, who would add bits of production, and before long, Atlas was back in the City of Angels, and Coast Modern was born. The newly minted duo dropped their first single, “Hollow Life,” in 2015, which drew rave reviews and comparisons to artists like Grouplove, Cage the Elephant, Twenty-One Pilots, and Alt-J.

Find them on iTunes here!

Haunting new album Cherry Fair from singer-songwriter Stephen Harrison

‘…like postcards from an earlier, purer, more positive time’ – The Sunday Herald on Stephen’s previous album Today Tomorrow

English-born, Scottish-residing singer-songwriter Stephen Harrison delivers this intimate and heartfelt new folk record Cherry Fair.

Having written his own songs since he was a teenager, Stephen got into music through legendary sixties acts such as The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, Donovan, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and George Harrison – the music that his older siblings would listen to.

As a teenager I was writing folk songs on acoustic guitar. Aged 16, I would strap my guitar on my back and head off ‘on my moped’ to places such as the Barnoldswick Folk Club.

During the late seventies, Stephen’s musical interests shifted. Attending the Edinburgh College Of Art in 1977, he was founding member of the post-punk band Metropak. The band supported the likes of The Rezillos and Josef K, and received airplay from John Peel.

Having since disbanded, Stephen has now returned to his folk roots. His new album draws on his experience, exploring an array of pensive topics from unrequited love to reconciliation to the brevity of life.  The subject matter deepens as the tracks progress.

Although minimal in sound, Cherry Fair is the result of a lot careful time and effort, Stephen going to great lengths to achieve the perfect sound using unconventional guitar tunings and a particular picking style. Vocals are often recorded multiple times so that he can achieve the exact phrasing. The result is a very clean and polished record.

Stream the album here on Soundcloud:

As well as having a passion in music, Stephen is also a keen painter. Emotional tone plays a key part in his interest in the arts.

Artists that Stephen can be compared to include the likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, early Lou Reed and Richard Hawley.


Cherry Fair is out 9th May



M1 of Dead Prez and Bonnot Release Anticipated Album, “Between Me And The World”

“Anti-imperialist edge underpinned by contemporary hip-hop beats’”

DJ Mag, UK

“Finally some real Hip Hop! I told y’all it still exist!! And on top of that the shit has purpose!!! Salute M1”

DJ Chuck Chillout – KISS FM, NY

Critically acclaimed Hip-Hop legend, M1 of Dead Prez joins forces with Italian producer Bonnot of Assalti Frontali to release their new album, ‘Between Me And The World’, on April 8th having recently premiered on VIBE. Singles from this album, ‘Killing It’ ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore and ‘Number One With A Bullet’ ft. Prodigy (Mobb Deep) and Divine RGB have already achieved premieres on XXL and The Source, as well as attaining air plays on Apple’s ‘Beats 1’ and Eminem’s ‘Shade 45’. This isn’t the first offering from this explosive collaboration which we’ve already seen appear on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s ‘Fire In The Booth’ hosted by “Music Personality of the Year” Charlie Sloth and making special guest appearances with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at Madison Square Garden.

M1-Dead Prez and Bonnot proudly stand outside the ordinary with their own unique brand of Hip-Hop. The first single, ‘Killing It’, features Jahdan Blakkamoore firing major hooks with urgency alongside M1 & Bonnot’s powerhouse production, delivering large dynamics and potent performances, touching bases with contemporary Hip-Hop beats and strong trap influences which critics have coined “TrapHall”. The second single from this album, ‘Number One With A Bullet’, features Hip-Hop legends Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Divine RGB who has previously featured on Dead Prez tracks, the video of which recently premiered on VIBE.

In past years, M1 has remained active in the Hip-Hop scene releasing a number of solo works and having other legends such as Nas and Erykah Badu continuing to work with him. In Europe, Bonnot is a highly sought after producer having won “The Best Italian Producer” when he was just 22, and working with artists such as General Levy, Dub FX, Assalti Frontali and top jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu. It is clear this volatile duo doesn’t have much left standing between them and the world, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for M1-Dead Prez and Bonnot.

“Responsible for one of the biggest records in Hip-Hop. Man like, M1 in the building”

Charlie Sloth – BBC Radio 1Xtra