Matty T Wall brings stunning ‘Blue Skies’

‘Blue Skies’ the single from his forthcoming album

BLUE SKIES ALBUM COVER.jpg “with a blistering clean tone, infectious chops and a swagger that’s soulful enough to rival that of any blues-fueled, American shredder, Australian-born guitarist Matty T. Wall proves the blues is alive and well Down Under.”- James Wood

“Wall gives us an absolute gem in Love Gone Away – a slow blues with simmering guitar playing that reaches right into your chest and grabs and twists your innards. The effect is visceral and moving.”-

“It’s also an apropos title—when you consider that Blue Skies is not only an impressive debut from one of the next generation of blues shredders, but also an album that’s bound to leave a big smile on your face.”- James Wood


Watch here:

Perth born MattyTWall is experiencing much success and is on his journey to legends such as Dave Hole, Bon Scott (ACDC) and the John Butler Trio. Matty says ‘’I am like an elastic band pulled really tight, ready to go, that’s how I feel about my music’’.

In his younger days he was inspired by bands such as Metallica and Sepultura and recognised how they paid tribute to the blues masters that came before them. Aspiring to reach their level, he got into blues and since has “never gotten out of it”.

Matty studied many different disciplines such as swing jazz, flamenco and funk and he is a recognised master of the guitar. Even his single notes wring raw emotions in the way he bends the strings of his well loved 1961 Les Paul Custom. These tantalising sounds make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  Matty is not only playing music of the past however, he is redefining the genre with his modern stance and influences “The fresh blood from dynamic youngers Old Blood and MattyTWall, showing that age is not a factor in bringing out the Blues in people.” – By Derek Cromb, announcer on 89.7 FM’s Play The Blues, Rhythm Magazine Blues at Bridgetown 2013

The ‘Blue Skies’ single showcases his creative playing through the wonderfully detailed virtuosic inflections he decorates his music with.  As observed by Geoff Scott, “One of the best blues guitarists that I have ever witnessed. ” from the White Star, Albany.