Music For Radura

Bringing together elements of ambient, classical and jazz, Italian composer Ferdinando Arno brings you this five song collect of tone poems. He has teamed up with an eclectic ensemble of musicians creating an otherworldly listening experience

Inspired by the Italian sound installation, Radura, in Cortile della Farmacia, the installation was designed by critically acclaimed architect Stefano Boeri.

Stream the EP here:

Making up the project are four members: Ferdinando Arnò; piano and electronics, Melanie Biasio; vocals, Marco Decimo; cello, and Giorgio Cocilovo; moog guitar.

Ferdinando Arno, The brainchild behind Music for Radura, attended Berklee College of Music where he attained a degree in jazz improvisation. He has since composed many scores for TV and cinema including La Prima Cosa Bella that was nominated an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. On top of this, he is the forming member of award-winning indie band, Common Mama, as well as being founder and CEO of his own music consultancy and production company, Quiet Please!.

Drawing influence from a diverse palette of artists including Max Richter, Arvo Pärt, Keith Jarret and The Doors, the group establish a sound that is entirely their own.


Music for Radura is out June 30th