Incredible New Album ‘Solitaire Man Blues’By Brutha White

The best way to describe Brutha White’s ‘Solitaire Man Blues’ is perhaps that it needs no real introduction other than that it speaks for itself. Being a well travelled soul he has been exposed to a plethora of cultures and styles of music, evaluating his experiences and his personal struggles he found that blues was his true calling. Blues is often disregarded as something old and past its time but Brutha White has the power to changed anyone’s mind about that silly claim.

Having performed with such acts as the infamous Wu Tang Clan, Samantha Fish, People Under the Stairs and Digital Underground it’s clear that he is adding a zingy new flavour to blues.

Being an avid singer/songwriter blues is not the only music he has performed. He used to (and still does on occasion) perform acoustic hip-hop along the lines of A Tribe Called Quest, whilst also singing ballads for years prior. This is just a few examples of the influences in his music that have aided him in perfecting his craft.


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