Mark L. Oakes releases debut album ‘Call Me The Moon’

Belgian singer-songwriter Mark L. Oakes releases the ideal soundtrack for a karmic road trip with his debut album ‘Call Me The Moon’. Also an engineer and producer, Oakes leaves his emotional past behind and throws all his passion into the album.

Tracked at Mark’s home studio, finalised with the help of London cellist Ben Trigg and mastered by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen, ‘Call Me The Moon’ has a raw but professional sound to it.

Mark has constantly travelled between Europe and the United States getting involved in a bag full of projects, however Mark sees ‘Call Me The Moon’ as the silver thread out of the vague existential maze.


M’GOO – ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘

Easy Listening music doesn’t come much better than ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘ by M’GOO.

M’GOO have honed their own brand of super-listenable jazz-pop with meaningful lyrics inspired by true stories of love.

‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘  poses the question: Do we ever really know the person we love? It recounts the story of a couple who are about to get married, but the woman decides the visit a fortune teller. The psychic tells her that love is not always enough, and so she spontaneously splits from her other half, leaving him desolate and dejected.

Consequently, the track embodies the moments after this tragic situation. Whilst the mood of such a story is undoubtedly very sad, M’GOO manage to put a positive spin on it with the upbeat vibe of the song. Instead of wallowing in misery, the track feels as though it looks forward with intent, in lieu of the negative subtext.

Mike Meighu’s vocals are pure and honest, perfectly matching the content of the song, and the brass section floats pleasantly over the top of well crafted piano chords and satisfying guitars during the chorus.

The songwriting process of the band is refreshing too. These are not just any old love songs; by taking influence from true stories, poems and philosophy, M’GOO open up a rich vein of quality material to base songs on. As a result, there is a sincerity and authenticity found in their music, particularly in ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘, that sets their music apart from the status quo.

For more on M’GOO, check them out here:

Contemporary pop artist Junkerry releases single ‘As We Are’ alongside soon to be Virtual Reality video

Contemporary pop artist Junkerry has released her new single ‘As We Are’ blending her classical Indian influences with elements of electronic, indie and pop. The single has been released alongside a unique music video, which takes the viewer on a journey.

Junkerry has collaborated with Dior designer Patrick Morgan and the Google Tilt Team to transform the music video into the first ever Virtual Reality music video. She is in discussion to form a fascinating musical experience for ‘As We Are’.

Watch the 2D video of ‘As We Are’ here:





Call of Ancient Love is the brand new album from Russian multi-lingual spiritualist and musician Stan Gemes.  Its limited edition physical copy sees the artist offering more than simply a sonic experience – also incorporating elements of touch, feel and taste to bring an inventive multi-sensory experience.


The album is packaged into five compartments, each compartment loaded with goodies relating to one of five elements: fire, water, earth, air and space.


The elements reflect the artist’s own worldly outlook, having journeyed all around the globe, soaking up spiritual experiences along the way.


The elements also reflect the worldly themes of the music, which sees Stan blending rock with traditional and tribal sounds from around the globe including Asian flutes, African percussion, Indian choirs and Hispanic guitars.


Contents of the album include a bracelet, fruit bar, stickers and a collage of photos collected of people from all around the world – all helping to represent Stan’s journey.



All in all, Call of Ancient Love shows the creativity and excitement that physical music can still bring in this modern digital age.


Whilst best enjoyed in its physical form, Call of the Ancient Love can also be streamed on Bandcamp.


Listen here:

Singer-songwriter Daisy Hicks returns with a jazz inspired seasonal single ‘Christmas Without You’

Singer-songwriter Daisy Hicks returns with the jazz inspired pop seasonal single ‘Christmas Without You’. The daughter of legendary jazz drummer Tony Hicks was classically trained so began her career exploring the jazz genre. However she soon deviated from her musical roots and by the age of 19 was signed by Concept Music.

After being signed Hicks has had many impressive musical achievements such as collaborating with multi-CMAA award winner Matt Fell, receiving radio play on Capitol and having her track ‘So Much More Than Love’ featured on the hit US TV series ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

Daisy’s new work has a laid back jazzy feel but with strong elements of pop, giving it a unique edge. Although ‘Christmas Without You’ is a beautifully formed track Hicks doesn’t stop there and has decided to donate 10% of digital sales to BBC’s Children In Need. ‘Christmas Without You’ will be followed by the 2017 release ‘French Cafe’.


Tuffet Bunnies releases EP ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’ bursting with emotion

Dedicated his circus performer girlfriend, ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’ is Tuffet Bunnies’ debut EP. The explosion of folk-rock songs are bursting with emotion and passion, drawing similarities to Paul Simon and Beck.

After sadly losing his biggest fan, his holocaust survivor Grandmother, Darling was dedicated more than ever to follow his dreams. His love for the music and his girlfriend Scarlett are apparent throughout the EP, with every lyric dripping with joy.

Listen to ‘Everything’ here: