The Maladaptive Solution release new song describes as an assignment

Describes as more of an assignment than a song, The Maladaptive Solution’s ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is a new form of brainwash for the nation. The contemporary spiritual pop group use music as a medium to subtly teach whilst still having a classic but modern sound.

Influences by all eras and genres of music, the mysterious group aim to create memorable songs with fantastic production. Front man Brad Beard has said to have recieved feedback from listeners saying they’d cried or felt a strong sense of happiness when listening to the song. The unique track can be interpreted by the individual in however way they wish, making it accessible for all. Contributors to The Maladaptive Solution include Brad Beard, Michael Carpenter, Michael Giblin, Jimmy Haber and Kylie Whitney.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Ontology (Form and Content) here: