Roger Rudenstein’s Take on the World of Politics and Art

If anything has the casual music fan running for the hills, it’s opera. Long, difficult to follow, in an unfamiliar language, any excuse is given to avoid it. Thankfully, New Hampshire’s Roger Rudenstein has fused both satire and classic literature into his works, making them appealing to a far broader audience than ever before.

 Having already completed a major musical work based on the aftermath of the 9/11 bombings in America and being part-way through a four-part examination of the current Donald Trump administration, he managed to produce a two-and-a-half hour epic taking its inspiration from the classic James Joyce novel, Ulysses. As you do.

Sung in English and using excerpts of Joyce’s own text from the novel, his creation is a brilliant introduction to opera for the uninitiated, or a superb shot in the arm for those opera fans who have become jaded with the familiar formula. Having received rave reviews in America, including the New York Time, Roger is now hoping to welcome a legion of European fans to his never predictable world.