Medical marvel Adam Lanceley unveils plans for seventh album ‘Epitaph to Innocence’

If a songwriter is only as effective as the stories they tell, Adam Lanceley will have etched his songs into your mind in no time.

His latest album ‘Epitaph to Innocence‘ is his seventh to date, despite suffering life-changing injuries from a car crash many years ago. The singer-songwriter was only ten years old when he was involved in the accident. Sustaining a severe brain injury, a crushed pelvis and shattered legs, doctors advised him he was unlikely to walk or talk again. Against all odds, Adam not only proved them wrong but has taken his remarkable recovery to the extreme, running marathons and now carving out a career as a singer-songwriter.

Though Adam is very secretive about the meaning behind his lyrics, Epitaph to Innocenceretains his ever-present optimism. The songwriter tends to pen his tracks in the hope that the messages hidden within will inspire other people who are going through difficulties of all kinds. In common with his previous releases, the album is heavily influenced by the 1960’s Californian sound, with Beach Boys-esque melodies and a defiantly upbeat vibe.

Although Adam has conquered many of the physical consequences of the accident, he has said that mentally he sometimes feels like a little boy, struggling with mental issues such as very low confidence and depression. His musical career has given him an outlet to express himself, which once again reinforces the restorative powers of music on both the artist and the audience. Epitaph to Innocence is far from an ending, it’s yet another example of Adam’s ability to continually confound expectations and to push himself to new heights of creativity.