Steele unveils cathartic new cut ‘Looking For You’

For lovers of midnight-drenched atmospherics and languid, mid-tempo soundscapes, Steele will be releasing her debut full length, Paroxysms, on June 13th. On her last release, 2016’s Hiraeth, the Stockholm-born singer-songwriter imbued her music with the feel of a late night alight with broken neon signs on a rain-drenched street. Keyboards breathe in and out on each track in-between palpitations of sparse, spartan drum beats, while the singer projects feelings of loss and longing into the dark corners of each listener.

While, her most recent output, 2018’s ‘Know Her‘ and ‘Temporary Love‘ continue the trend; ‘Know Her‘ is an upbeat track that swings with a swagger that shows a point in evolution and progression for the artist, while ‘Temporary Love‘ regresses into familiar territory of half-awake synths and wispy instrumentation.

The theme of sentimentality established on these previous tracks continues as ‘Looking For You‘ tackles a panoply of emotions. Speaking of the track, Steele told Billboard:

Looking For You’ is an embodiment of that feeling of being happy, devious and a little bit moonstruck at the same time, much like when you’re determined for a mission – or just dancing senselessly at home alone.


If all this is anything to go by, then her debut full length, Paroxysms is sure to be a success with fans of dark, gothic dream pop and moody make-out music. So light those candles, turn on your salt lamp and ready your decanter, because Paroxysms will be sure to set the mood for you on June 13th.

Paroxysm tracklist
1. Machine
2. Animal
3. Know Her
4. Opium
5. Temporary Love
6. Waiting
7. Knots
8. Deep Water
9. 8AM
10. Follow
11. Looking for You
12. Fade

Words: Ethan Schrupp | @ethanschrupp





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