Fergus Mckay and Nothing Concrete are defying laws with their Multi-Linguistic Troop of Talented Musicians

Yes, we’ve finally done it, we as human-beings have finally reached the pinnacle of musical obscurity. That is no disrespect to the wonderful stylistics of Fergus Mckay and The Nothing Concrete, but there is something definitely concrete about their music!

The acoustic-led combination of folk, 30’s swing jazz and a bluesy country cabaret polka, is not quite like anything you’ve heard before, but is a fresh reminder of just how good the history of music really is. The band consists of a plethora of nationalities such as a Scot, an Italian, a Frenchman, multiple sax players (one of them Belgian) and a Jewish percussionist. This band and their wonderful love for cramming into tight spaces (see the image below for example) have really hit the ground running with this innovative take on historical music ideology.

How does this all come about?

‘Old Black Crow’ was written about ten years ago and was part of Fergus’ busking set all over Europe. Having travelled extensively over the years all around Europe, Fergus has soaked up the lives of many who he has observed and has woven so many of them into his songs. It is clear that the influence of travel has played a part in the culture that is endeavoured into the sound of this band. Overall, their sound clearly reflects their lifestyle, shunning technology like a modern day Amish without a trace of technology within a 100 mile radius.


Old Black Crow

The track in question ‘Old Black Crow’ is everything mentioned in the above text. It’s different, it’s new, it’s old, IT IS GREAT.  The overall mix of the track is fairly well balanced. The saxophones give a nice lining, whilst the other instruments sit nicely within their placement in the stereo mix. The vocals, at first, are fairly drowned out by the extravagant sounds of the bluesy overtones. But once you hear that vocal punch through, you get a real sense of living life ‘through the ages’ as it tells the story of the song.

The big question on the minds of many, would be ‘where do they take this next?’ Well, with Fergus Mckay’s extravagant life of travelling (god they must love airports…) we have no doubt that their future tracks will be even more bluesier than the last.


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