Jonny Morello channels 90’s rave with new banger ‘Why Can’t We See’

Ready to be taken back to the 90’s? No, we haven’t figured out time travel (yet..) but Jonny Morello’s new track Why Can’t We See is a real blast from the past. With it’s melodic piano and retro breakbeats, you can feel the inner 90’s raver crawling it’s way out of you, as it begins to take control of your body.  The breakbeats cannot be ignored, and are a pivotal part in making this track sound so impressive. The beat emulates that of Chase & Status, and even has reminiscences of their track Count On Me from their 2013 album Brand New Machine. Although some may call it ‘advantageous’ to compare the two, we have no doubt that Jonny has all the potential to make it as big as them.

Initially, Jonny’s inspiration to become an artist derived from his first live show experience, which was a Jay-Z concert. It was clear that from then on, Jonny was inspired to be like him, and to have the ability to change a crowds mood from track to track, which can be heard within his new single. Jonny was originally self-taught in music production, which is becoming ever more simple as years go by due to Youtube Tutorials. Soon after, he signed up for Music Courses, which opened up a world of opportunity and careers in Sound Design and Production.

There is no doubt in mind that Jonny worked day and night to complete this track. The mix is incredibly impressive, and the vocals sit perfectly on-top of the mix, which when done correctly sounds professional, so to pull this off at this stage in his career is one huge statement!

Jonny Morello’s new single can be listened to on the link below, but make sure that you’re wearing your best and most colourful tracksuit and bucket hat! But remember kids, say NO to drugs!

Words: James Cane | @DJJAMESCANE

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