Toby TomTom Provides Perfect Antidote To Winter Blues With ‘Born 2 Be Free’

As the days get shorter and the cold weather well and truly sets in, we all have to work harder to keep our spirits lifted during the humdrum of daily life. Here to give you a little boost up into those beautiful soundclouds is ‘Born 2 Be Free’, the debut single from Toby TomTom.

Toby TomTom is one of those people that we should all attempt to emulate: infectiously upbeat and positive, with a big personality and an even bigger heart.

‘Born 2 Be Free’ is a spiritual extension of Toby TomTom, a distillation of his optimism. Inspired by his hope for his youngest son (and, by extension, all children), “Born 2 Be Free” reminds us all that love conquers fear and we have the right, and most importantly, possess the fight to be free.

While most artists are influenced, rather naturally, by other musicians, Toby TomTom also draws upon the words and deeds of motivational figures such as Bruce Lee and Muhammed Ali, which further sharpens the inspirational edge to his music.

So if you’re ever feeling at all blue, this winter or otherwise, then head over to soundcloud and give ‘Born 2 Be Free’ a whirl. We guarantee you’ll be walking with a spring in your step for hours after.

As always, if you prefer to listen to your music on another platform (why are you even here?!) then check him out on the alternatives: