Andy Anderson Shakes Up The Music Industry With His 3D Mixes

We have a bit of a different one for you this week soundcloud fans. Have you heard of 3D mixes? Of course you haven’t, because Andy Anderson has just invented them! Imagine a musical surround-sound—stick on a pair of headphones (yes- any headphones!), whack on ‘Live for a Dream’ and witness this amazing listening experience for yourself.

Using solely mixing techniques (although he’s keeping the specifics under-wraps for now), Anderson’s tracks engulfs the listener at the centre whilst the sound circles their head. This gives the effect of the sound in motion, giving a three-dimensional sensation.

The track is also a stand-alone banger, blending euphoric melodies with thoughtful lyrics, reminiscent of the best from Chase and Status. Inspired by a poem written by his uncle, the message of ‘Live for a Dream’ is one of inspiration and striving to live your best life. Motivational stuff.

Check him out on soundcloud. Or, you know, ignore the purpose of our website (you maverick you!) and check out Andy Anderson on the links below: