Yajna Shares ‘You Are Beatiful’

Sweden’s Yajna is a passionate strong woman who is determined to make the most of life and wherever possible share this message with others through her talents as a songwriter and singer. ‘You Are Beautiful’  Yajna’s latest single, is released November 1st and is a gentle yet powerful track encompassing Yajna’s song writing skills whilst sharing her message of strength.

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Estelle California’s International Music Fusion

Fierce humanitarian, Estelle California, uses her music to promote positivity and stand up for those who have suffered throughout history. Growing up seeing discrimination and racism all around her, Estelle broke away from her homeland in search of a more inclusive society, which she found in the harmonious environment of California. Not only does her music share inspirational narratives, it also combines elements of pop, soul and jazz to imbue a truly international feel to all her tracks, as heard in her latest single ‘Star’.

Listen to ‘Star’:

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