Spalding’s Very Own Kyra Tipped to be Top of the Pops by BBC

This may be the time and this may be the person who is about to put Spalding on the map , let us tell you who she is and why we think she is set for the big time and not just ‘coz the BBC said so either…..

Kyra Jinx has graduated from learning to play guitar to working with Patrick Osei at Hot Money Studios on her own original material, which allows her to both escape from the stresses of life whilst at the same time giving audiences some much-needed optimism and positivity. For Kyra, her music is written to have a positive impact: whether it’s the lyrics, the melody or the beat, if her music makes people happy, this makes the creative process worthwhile. Influences by artists as varied as Stormzy, Paramore and Chunkz, Kyra is the sound of summer the world desperately needs!

With over 180,000 views on YouTube, 11,000 followers on Facebook and 600 followers on Twitch, Kyra is dedicated to interacting directly to communities of friends and fans, committed to entertaining, informing and listening to people around the world, regardless of background or personal views. Whether it’s gaming or music, the chorus to 1 of 1 rings true:

“1 of 1 you won’t find another (You won’t find someone else like me, I’m unique)”

So we knew we were onto something special and we were right and if you want more check out these links and tell us what you think