Cloudy Clouds Releases Emotionally Provoking Debut Album ‘Imprisoned In A Daydream’

Cloudy Clouds has dropped his debut album ‘Imprisoned in a Daydream’, a 14 track release showcasing his ability in writing socially aware yet satirical lyrics. Touching on topics such as love, social commentary, and nights on the town, he’s managed to create one of the most enjoyable and stimulating hip-hop albums of the year!

Based in the Crouch End area of London, Cloudy Clouds – or more commonly known as Claudio Elliston, takes his inspiration from some of the most ground-breaking artists in hip-hop, from Eminem to Lupe Fiasco to
Sha Stimuli. He keeps his music raw, honest, and true, not engaging with any fake or soulless commentary. Hitting home with emotionally provoking messages, combined with his unique worldviews and real British comedy, he has managed to create an album that will really be playing on your mind.

Some key feature songs on the album include ‘Your Daughter’, which discusses UK drug laws and the problems they cause; ‘Wrote You a Love Song’, a poetically written ballad about love and relationships; and ‘Calling Round’, a distressing point of view from a victim of a terrorist attack.

A melodic storytelling album that is expressive and rich both musically and lyrically. It touches emotions and explores heavy topics in an intellectual manner.

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