From Athletics To The Silver Screen, Michael Cooke Finds His Passion For Music With The Release Of ‘Losing My Mind For Nothing’

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Never settling for anything less than the stars, Michael Cooke has gone from dreaming of being in the Olympics to acting and has now found his calling with music.

Thriving off the freedom to express himself creatively, the Glasgow-based singer-songwriter has poured his heart into his debut single ‘Losing My Mind’ – an emotional number with inspiration taken from numerous artists from the 60’s to modern 00’s indie.

With a folky undertone and a bluesy guitar solo, Michael creates a tranquil ambience with passionate lyrics that hit home. Accompanying the song is a mystical and moving music video that tells a powerfully touching story.

Having had his athletic dreams come to an end following an injury, and never feeling fully fulfilled with his acting career, Michael turned his attention to music to really portray his true personality in his own way.

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