Nickita’s New Single “Breathe Again” is a Testament to Women and their Power.

Sammy May

Nickita, singer and experienced doula, is set to release a single titled “Breathe Again” on the 14th March 2021, Mother’s Day no less. Prior to the release date, she has unveiled an emotive music video to emphasise the strength of the pregnant female and the amazing work that midwives do. All proceeds for the single will go directly to the fundraising effort by her organisation, When Push Comes to Shove, in order to help mothers and midwives make safe and educated decisions during all points of their pregnancy and birth. 

“A mother’s choice is a choice alone,

No need to caress what you don’t control,

It’s in her hands,

She’s not broken.”

The video depicts an array of women expressing their truths and desire to be heard, demonstrating their strength and determination through their pregnancies and providing love for their families. Women hold up signs with statements such as ‘we will breathe again’, ‘I want to be heard’ and ‘birth choices matter.’ The array of clips from women underpin the poignant message behind the video and come together in a moving medley that demonstrates just how vital midwives are. Those moments of the miracle of childbirth draw focus to the chosen charity but are so emotionally charged that it truly emphasises the bond created between mother and child during childbirth and the strength of the female body.

With her extraordinary vocal range and profound lyrics Nickita successfully channels her experiences, both positive and negative, as a woman and a mother to present this sentimental and sincere gift to midwives. The lyrics are sentimental and sincere, emphasising the empowerment that comes with taking back control over your body.  

As a woman that has suffered the trauma of a miscarriage, Nickita understands the importance of midwifery after received amazing support and care before and after the birthing process. She felt as though she was able to make decisions about the birth of her second child that the NHS would not allow and vowed to spread awareness on the matter. 

“Hold her safe, keep her warm,

Safe from the eye of the patriarch’s storm.”

The IMUK, Independent Midwives for United Kingdom, recently expressed that there is no viable insurance option to allow members to attend births.  And in light of the current crisis, the lack of indemnity has become an exacerbated problem that has coincided with an increased demand for the services of midwives as more mothers wish to avoid the hospital during Covid-19 outbreaks. The chair for IMUk, Ms. Tomkins said, “There was a proposal from one company to offer cover, similar to that we had had previously, but the fee was quoted as £7,500 per home birth. As you can appreciate, there was no way this was feasible to accept.” 

Nickita has decided to support the Childbirth Choices Matter Campaign, which is run by the maternal and newborn health and rights charity White Ribbon Alliance, by getting midwives back into work and spreading awareness of the “autonomy in childbirth.”

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