True to their name, Steady Rollin offer laid back grooves on ‘¿Dónde Te Has Metido?’

An aptronym is a name that suits it’s owner like a glove – Usian Bolt, Olympic sprinter. While Steady Rollin got to choose theirs, they did choose well. 

They write music you can cruise to, and it’s tracks like the newest release, ‘¿Dónde Te Has Metido?’, that makes floating down the river of life so easy. 

It might be the first time you’ve heard them, but Steady Rollin has had the people of their native El Salvador swooning. Their carefree sound, built on Americana stylings is a hit across Latin America and singer Fernando Poma is a champion of the local scene in San Salvador.

Bringing up the rest of the band is bassist Gerardo Pardo and drummer/backing vocalist Benjamin Andrade (who holds one of the best job titles I’ve come across – Yamaha Music’s official drumming representative for El Salvador).

A lot of the instrumentation finds its roots in classic rock, especially that blues-fused era of the 70s which sprang ‘J.J. Cale’ and the ‘Allman Brothers Band’. Falling riffs flow into a sweeping solo, while groovy piano accompaniment runs rife. 

The addition of accordion on the chorus works to highlight the track’s jam-band feel. By adding in a timeless, folk instrument it’s like we’re hearing this age-old, romantic story. 

It’s a reminiscent sound for a reminiscing song. Love and longing weave through the lyrics. It does well to capture that special moment in relationships where you’re, “captivated by how much ‘life’ is in someone” – as Benjamin puts it. 

And, like the name suggests, Steady Rollin have an easy, optimistic outlook. A lot of Latin Americana seems to have that tinge to it, always deeply emotional while deeply cathartic. It leads to a lovely tune that is well worth your time. 

¿Dónde Te Has Metido? is the first track from Steady Rollin’s upcoming LP Stories. You can stay locked into their grooves at the links below: