Hitting the ‘Soundwaves: Meet The Captain Of The Lost Waves


Ahoy there! Bringing our heads firmly back to sea-level for the time being, we want to introduce your new SoundCloud obsession: the  esoteric Captain of The Lost Waves’. 

Legends permeate around the misty waters concerning The Captain of The Lost Waves. Dressed head-to-toe in a Vaudevillian get-up, The Captain is certainly a sight to behold. Known primarily for his absurdly engaging live productions, including well received performances at the Glastonbury Arts and Edinburgh Fringe, The Captain is every bit as enchanting on the soundwaves.

The Captain, who lists time travelling, standing on his head and tea drinking on the planet Hixxlyvoom among his hobbies, is a celebration of the renaissance of the bard starring their very own folk opera. Through his mystical voyages he has mesmerised and captivated his audiences, seeing expressions transforming from the rigid and terrified to the joyous and amiable.

The Captain of the Lost Waves is sure to appeal to diverse audiences, despite his wholly idiodsyncratic style. Whether you are a fan of the Steampunk aesthetic or of the story-telling prowess of bands like The Decemberists, you will enjoy the whimsy of The Captain.

The first single/video from the album Synthesis will be ‘Uniforms‘ will be released on 12th November but for the time being, check out the tracks on his (you guessed it) Soundcloud!

If you don’t quite get the concept of our website, feel free to check out The Captain on other platforms! Links below:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2eMXY1pFGHO20S02fCNF5e

Youtube: www.youtube.com/captainofthelostwaves

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/captainofthelostwaves

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CaptainOTLW

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/captainofthelostwaves

Website: http://www.captainofthelostwaves.com

Alice’s Night Circus gives The Greatest Showman a run for his money

Experimental, Pop

In December last year, cinema’s worldwide released sing-a-long smash hit ‘The Greatest Showman’, but ringmaster Julia Scott has got a new circus that isn’t for the faint-hearted. Eccentric singer Julia Scott (pictured above) provides a entire new world of symphonic sounds with her new theatrical single ‘Stand Up’ under the alias Alice’s Night Circus. The track exudes emotion and Julia is able to portray this with her powerful vocals which cut clean through the middle of the track, leaving you encapsulated by her voice.

Behind the curtains (yes, that was ANOTHER circus pun) Julia was brought up in Sheffield, UK, and has been classically trained in the vocal department from an early age, which absolutely clarifies why her voice is outstandingly powerful. The plethora of knowledge she has gained from her musical training has allowed her to be influenced by several genres such as opera, musicals, jazz and symphonic metal.

You may be thinking, where does the influence come from? Was it Hugh Jackman’s incredibly apt portrayal of P T Barnum? Or does she just really love the Circus? Julia explains that her love for Steampunk inspired the look and name of her project. The lust for a sub-genre of Science Fiction is something that cannot be ignored, as similar things have been married up in the past i.e multi-award-winning rock gods, Muse, and their love for outer-space.

She actually made her debut live appearance under the Alice pseudonym at the world’s largest and longest running Steampunk festival called The Asylum in Lincoln. It was there she met fine art photographer Gary Nicholls, who went on to feature her in his photography book The Imaginarium which is centered around steampunks.

So, we’ve stated the obvious, her vocals are out of this world, but what is it that makes Alice’s Night Circus so bloody brilliant? Of course, it’s the originality of it all. There is no doubt that this project has the potential to go far, and we think that Julia still has a few more tricks up her sleeve before the night is over.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/400uDlpep629T3L02HdJtr

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnyOy98XOqXty8L8y49otwA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alicesnightcircus/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/alicencircus

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/curiousbyalice/

Website:  www.alicesnightcircus.com


Words: James Cane | @DJJAMESCANE 


AT-ATs On The Beach: Downtempo Chillout Connoisseurs

Electronica, Experimental

LA based electronic production team AT-ATs On The Beach (ATATOTB) are releasing their debut EP which aims to escape the electronic music cliché, whilst infusing dance beats and heavy bass lines. Maintaining a unique approach to the process of music creation, ATATOTB delivers a new experimental style that reflects their ambition and experimentation as artists. Featuring remixes of Elton John, Rolling Stones, Eagles and original mixes, the debut EP sets the group apart from the rest.

Previously working under the name of ‘InFiction’, they focused on creating original electronic music which took inspiration from their backgrounds as film editors and producers. In the past, they have written scores for films such as Black Swan, The Thing, The Last Exorcism and Wrath of the Titans and are known for their edgy theatrical remixes and melodies crafted specifically for the downtempo, chill community.

With ATATOTB, a new era of downtempo house has landed in the world of electronic music. This experimental mix of theatrical themes, rhythmic beats and other instrumentation are a few things that make this innovative group stand out from the crowd.

Find out more here:






Symphonic Rock from Bayonesse

Alternative, Experimental, Rock

Bayonesse is the musical vehicle of artist and singer, Christy Lee Rogers, and Ryan Murphy. The duo create hauntingly beautiful rock music, with an epic feel and quality musicianship.

The duo have shifted their passions from art to music after realising it is the most “powerful and intense” art form in which to express their thoughts, whilst finding peace and understanding within the chaos of society. The alternative single ‘Angel Touching Down’ from their upcoming album, Bleeding Heart, will be released alongside a dark and mysterious underwater music video.

The video stars actress Elisabeth Donaldson and Bayonesse themselves and was edited by award winning filmmaker Ray Izad-Mehr. The video provides the perfect visuals tot the feel of the music and it displays the underlying darkness in their heart-felt lyrics.

Rogers’ powerful passion for music always controlled her art and she soon found that it was the most effective way to express her thoughts. By early 2016 Rogers joined Murphy to form Bayonesse and with their clash of musical influences from Bjork to The Kills, they have formed a unique and unusual sound that brings something  slightly left-field to the table.







Glimmer the new techno pop track from Glitch Code


‘Glimmer’ is the latest single from the duo’s highly-praised debut album Gifted_Damaged, released earlier this year. It comes with a brand new dramatic and psychedelic music video.

Watch video for ‘Glimmer’ here:

 The group’s experimental style has seen them using unusual instruments such as theremin and fretless bass, whilst incorporating the latest soft synths and plug-ins available. Elements of David Bowie, Kate Bush and The Eurhythmics can be found in their sound.

Singer Rachel Harvey is a former television and film actress and was previously in a band called Axis before meeting with Paul Kirkpatrick to form Glitch Code.