R Zak Releases Breathtaking Album of Dreamworld Electro-Indie Masterpieces

Title: Dialectics                                                                                                                             

Release: Album Released 7th May

Singer-songwriter R Zak is to release her new album, Dialectics on 7th May, an extraordinary and hypnotic collection of tracks which bounce from electro-indie to classical to jazz to avant-garde sound collages without scarcely taking a breath.

Welcome to R Zak’s world, one which has seen her study as a classical viola player, only to find her using her instrument in everything from reggae collectives to hardcore punk bands, touring with indie group The Apple Miner Colony and opening for the likes of Buckethead and Beirut. Dialectics sees R Zak tearing sounds apart at the seams and reassembling them until they are both familiar and unsettlingly beautiful, strange and twisted sound sculptures, all married to R Zak’s zephyr-like vocals.

Having grown up in San Antonio, Texas, R Zak is now settled in Portland, Oregon, long a stronghold for artistic talent of all kinds. Living in a household where on any given day she could be exposed to classical, mariachi or nu-country music, she began playing the piano at the age of five before moving onto the viola aged nine after being encouraged by her teachers to experiment with all forms of music, not to feel rooted in just one. Completing a Bachelor’s then two Master’s degrees as a single mother, she is now a teacher herself and passes on this ethic to her own pupils:

“There’s no training or even protocol when it comes to real music making. There’s only immersion. It just becomes a physical need like the need for truth. The music simply has to come to life through you; you are just a vessel for it. Nothing else can really touch you at that point. The music gives you such strength and independence while at the same time bonding you emotionally with the entire world. It’s so mysterious!”

Dialectics is R Zak’s most extraordinary release so far – breathtakingly immersive and taking the listener on adventures through secret passageways within tracks, so that whilst you’re never certain of your eventual destination, the journey is constantly fascinating:

The title is “Dialectics” which has many meanings, depending on the context. The way I am using it, it is a reciprocal exchange between opposites, mutual sustenance, vital interaction. Every track on the album represents some kind of interaction between my own creative impulse and the art works of others.

Track list:

1) Villanelle     

2)The White Birds

3)Silver Slow Moving

4) Caracola

5) Les Silhouettes

6) Paisaje

7) Atomic Elegy

8) Reading the Sunflowers in September

9) Winona’s Aria

10) Dewy Dreams

11) El Lagarto Está Llorando

12) Twilight Turns

13) Secrets That Are Not

Keep up to date with all things R Zak related:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/r_zak_music/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rzakmusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5VvsNGHv5eT3PrKr7rUGga?si=EbdL1LuTSKWRhfyBNcl4qw

Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/rzakmusic

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Victoria Hoffman Releases Indie Confessional “Hopeless Love”

Sammy May

Now based in Nottingham, via the unlikely route of Nigeria and Greece, Victoria Hoffman’s new single, ‘Hopeless Love‘, is released today (5th April) and captures her indie-folk style and confessional lyrics. Having only started writing songs in 2018, ‘Hopeless Love’ is her third single and comes ahead of a proposed debut album release in the Summer.

Though Hoffman’s family were all based in the field of medicine, she was determined to become a singer songwriter, a choice which was met with amusement and more barbed criticism online, where she was scorned for making music in such a wide variety of genres not typically associated with a black musician. These prejudices have only helped to fuel her desire to make the music she wants to make, the latest being ‘Hopeless Love’, which Victoria explains the story behind:

“This is a song about boy who sees girl on a bus and they have an instant connection. They both were in a relationship already, which makes things even more dramatic. They were seeing each other secretly, hoping they won’t get caught – unfortunately, it didn’t last long, the girl had to move away, and a few years later, she is married with kids and she is thinking of what it could have been, hitting that she would like to meet the guy again.”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/victoriaamao/

Website: www.victoriahoffmann.co.uk

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/victoria-amao

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1TfPpSprI2zdLNEO5euA2g?si=1u79nfzyTfifxSkJ2E897A

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Nickita’s New Single “Breathe Again” is a Testament to Women and their Power.

Sammy May

Nickita, singer and experienced doula, is set to release a single titled “Breathe Again” on the 14th March 2021, Mother’s Day no less. Prior to the release date, she has unveiled an emotive music video to emphasise the strength of the pregnant female and the amazing work that midwives do. All proceeds for the single will go directly to the fundraising effort by her organisation, When Push Comes to Shove, in order to help mothers and midwives make safe and educated decisions during all points of their pregnancy and birth. 

“A mother’s choice is a choice alone,

No need to caress what you don’t control,

It’s in her hands,

She’s not broken.”

The video depicts an array of women expressing their truths and desire to be heard, demonstrating their strength and determination through their pregnancies and providing love for their families. Women hold up signs with statements such as ‘we will breathe again’, ‘I want to be heard’ and ‘birth choices matter.’ The array of clips from women underpin the poignant message behind the video and come together in a moving medley that demonstrates just how vital midwives are. Those moments of the miracle of childbirth draw focus to the chosen charity but are so emotionally charged that it truly emphasises the bond created between mother and child during childbirth and the strength of the female body.

With her extraordinary vocal range and profound lyrics Nickita successfully channels her experiences, both positive and negative, as a woman and a mother to present this sentimental and sincere gift to midwives. The lyrics are sentimental and sincere, emphasising the empowerment that comes with taking back control over your body.  

As a woman that has suffered the trauma of a miscarriage, Nickita understands the importance of midwifery after received amazing support and care before and after the birthing process. She felt as though she was able to make decisions about the birth of her second child that the NHS would not allow and vowed to spread awareness on the matter. 

“Hold her safe, keep her warm,

Safe from the eye of the patriarch’s storm.”

The IMUK, Independent Midwives for United Kingdom, recently expressed that there is no viable insurance option to allow members to attend births.  And in light of the current crisis, the lack of indemnity has become an exacerbated problem that has coincided with an increased demand for the services of midwives as more mothers wish to avoid the hospital during Covid-19 outbreaks. The chair for IMUk, Ms. Tomkins said, “There was a proposal from one company to offer cover, similar to that we had had previously, but the fee was quoted as £7,500 per home birth. As you can appreciate, there was no way this was feasible to accept.” 

Nickita has decided to support the Childbirth Choices Matter Campaign, which is run by the maternal and newborn health and rights charity White Ribbon Alliance, by getting midwives back into work and spreading awareness of the “autonomy in childbirth.”

Follow Nickita below and keep up to date on when ‘Breathe Again’ is available to stream:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/childbirthchoicesmattercampaign

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/childbirthchoicesmatter/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCMcampaign

Website: http://nickitamusic.com/ | http://www.childbirthchoicesmatter.co.uk/ | 


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKD1Mj5u96A_x2QiwLuZ2PQ

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From Athletics To The Silver Screen, Michael Cooke Finds His Passion For Music With The Release Of ‘Losing My Mind For Nothing’

Image may contain: 1 person

Never settling for anything less than the stars, Michael Cooke has gone from dreaming of being in the Olympics to acting and has now found his calling with music.

Thriving off the freedom to express himself creatively, the Glasgow-based singer-songwriter has poured his heart into his debut single ‘Losing My Mind’ – an emotional number with inspiration taken from numerous artists from the 60’s to modern 00’s indie.

With a folky undertone and a bluesy guitar solo, Michael creates a tranquil ambience with passionate lyrics that hit home. Accompanying the song is a mystical and moving music video that tells a powerfully touching story.

Having had his athletic dreams come to an end following an injury, and never feeling fully fulfilled with his acting career, Michael turned his attention to music to really portray his true personality in his own way.

Make sure you’re following Michael Cooke’s social media in order to keep up to date with future releases:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michaelcookemusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaelcookeofficial/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-830073447-182196885/losing-my-mind-for-nothing/s-1sN6WOt0TQt?ref=clipboard
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5MxyKC6glppKNIXoR0mbaI?si=W5vd0Nv6QG-JTpO9lBUOjw
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRp-OTMQGvxHX3Cp1C1dx_g/videos

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Following up one of the last years most underrated albums, Aliso, the UK-raised Argentinean switches up to salsa shimmy for her new Spanish-language single” 
The Guardian

Malena Zavala has today released new singleI’m Leaving Home’, and details of her second album, ‘La Yarará’, to be released April 17 on Yucatan Records. Zavala will follow the release with a headline show at London’s Courtyard Theatre on April 23.

The follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2018 debut ‘Aliso’, ‘La Yarará’ cements Zavala as a new Anglo-Latin talent, with a unique songwriting perspective on where she’s from, where she’s headed and where her music can take us.
When you’re born in Argentina to parents with Italian passports, then grow up from a young age in Hertfordshire, it’s easy to feel like an outsider. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you sound like? Spanish language, Latin culture, Home Counties – which is the most you? With the gloriously rich and transporting ‘La Yarará’, Malena Zavala has come home. A beautifully-wrought love letter to the culture in her DNA, its ten songs are vivid, vital hymns to the various aspects, colours and shades of Latin music and culture: cumbia, reggaeton, Afro-Cuban, Afro-funk, Andean folk, Argentine folk, bolero-son. And all sung, in a mixture of Spanish and English, in Zavala’s passport-to-paradise voice.

“When I started making music it was more about expressing my emotions, and learning to write and produce music myself,” she explains. “With my first album Aliso, I had to get something off my chest. But now with this second album, it was about exploring and overcoming my identity issues – about not knowing where I belong. That’s something I’ve felt my whole life.”
After the release of ‘Aliso’ – described as “gently warped and beguilingly melancholy guitar pop” by The Guardian in their 4 star review – Zavala toured all over Europe and the UK supporting Lord Huron, Blanco White, and Men I Trust, before hitting the festival circuit. She then spent three months writing her second album in Tarifa, the southernmost point of Spain.
Zavala and her close circle of collaborators recorded ‘La Yarará’ in two weeks last September at Urchin Studios in London Fields, with Zavala producing and Dani Bennett Spragg (Baxter Dury, The Amazons) engineering. “Urchin is a really beautiful, all wooden studio, which was really important for the sound of this album,” says Zavala. “I wanted it to feel like Buena Vista Social Club. I wanted to play the room, to feel the walls and wooden floors.”
Released in late 2019, the album’s lead single ‘En La Noche’ (‘In The Night’) is sung in Spanish, and combines traditional cumbia rhythms with lysergic guitars and a swirling ambient production style to create a beatific exploration of the role of dreams in creativity. The second single is the evocative, bluesy lament ‘I’m Leaving Home,’ which Zavala sings in English. “I don’t make a conscious choice to sing in a particular language,” she explains. “But with I’m Leaving Home, the rhythm isn’t so Latino, plus it’s about my parents and how I feel about a home, so it feels like it should be in English.”
Other stand-out tracks include the “dark Argentine hip hop” of ‘Naturaleza’ and ‘Memories Gone’, which is Mazzy Star-style gothic chamber pop with an Andean influence, plus the sinuous title track, with percussion that evokes the movements and character of a serpent. “The yarará is a venomous snake, a viper, in Argentina,” she explains of the album title. “It’s also used as a diss to a sassy woman. My parents always called me that, so I’m calling the album that as a semi-in-joke.”
At the heart of the album is ‘Identity’, a song of rootlessness and yearning “that embodies the whole record. It’s about how I feel like I don’t belong to Argentina or England. I’ve just been travelling my whole life,” says Zavala. “So the whole concept is about how, wherever you go and whatever the experiences you have in the cultures you live in, they makeup who you are and your character. So I had this idea of a person is about where they’ve been, not where they were born.”

‘I’m Leaving Home’ is out now and ‘La Yarará’ will be released on the April 17 on Yucatan Records.


Malena Zavala live:
April 23            London, The Courtyard Theatre (headline)

Malena Zavala ‘La Yarará’ track list:

  1. What If I
  2. En la Noche
  3. I’m Leaving Home
  4. La Yarará
  5. Identity
  6. Memories Gone
  7. Compay
  8. Paraná
  9. Ritmo De Vida
  10. Naturaleza

Medical marvel Adam Lanceley unveils plans for seventh album ‘Epitaph to Innocence’

If a songwriter is only as effective as the stories they tell, Adam Lanceley will have etched his songs into your mind in no time.

His latest album ‘Epitaph to Innocence‘ is his seventh to date, despite suffering life-changing injuries from a car crash many years ago. The singer-songwriter was only ten years old when he was involved in the accident. Sustaining a severe brain injury, a crushed pelvis and shattered legs, doctors advised him he was unlikely to walk or talk again. Against all odds, Adam not only proved them wrong but has taken his remarkable recovery to the extreme, running marathons and now carving out a career as a singer-songwriter.

Though Adam is very secretive about the meaning behind his lyrics, Epitaph to Innocenceretains his ever-present optimism. The songwriter tends to pen his tracks in the hope that the messages hidden within will inspire other people who are going through difficulties of all kinds. In common with his previous releases, the album is heavily influenced by the 1960’s Californian sound, with Beach Boys-esque melodies and a defiantly upbeat vibe.

Although Adam has conquered many of the physical consequences of the accident, he has said that mentally he sometimes feels like a little boy, struggling with mental issues such as very low confidence and depression. His musical career has given him an outlet to express himself, which once again reinforces the restorative powers of music on both the artist and the audience. Epitaph to Innocence is far from an ending, it’s yet another example of Adam’s ability to continually confound expectations and to push himself to new heights of creativity.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/adam-lanceley/id569012210

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/adam-129087330

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamlanceley

Luna Blue – Nightjar EP Reviewed

Cementing Brighton as one of the hubs of the most inventive, exciting music being made by new artists in the UK are LUNA BLUE whose new EP, Nightjar, is released on 25/8/2017. Bucking the trend for releasing an EP which only actually consists of two tracks (seriously, I don’t care how long the tracks are, that’s a single, guys!), Nightjar is a brilliant introduction to the world of LUNA BLUE, the six tracks showcasing their rich and varied style which flows effortlessly through rock, indie funk and even jazz.

Nick photo.jpg

Opener, Borrowed Words, sets the scene perfectly – it has all the carefree confidence and stylings of classic funk/r&b outfits like The O’Jays but marries them effortlessly with an almost disgracefully artistic indie attack which immediately brings to mind artists like Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party. What really hits you (and what lingers long after the EP has finished) is the rhythm section. Drooling, fret-troubling bass guitar winds around intoxicating, complex rhythms which seem too good for a band who have only just announced themselves on the live circuit.

Ryan Guitar photo.jpg

Other highlights include the soaring, Float Away, an anthemic, chiming epic which sounds like intergalactic whale-song, and the EPs closer, Welcome Home, a haunting showcase for singer Tom High, whose dramatic Jeff Buckley-esque delivery thrills throughout. With a live show which promises to see the band as likely to be amongst the audience as on the stage, LUNA BLUE is definitely one to watch.
Tom Photo.jpg


Pallab Sarker: ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’

London based acoustic singer-songwriter, Pallab Sarker, is back with the new single ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’, the follow up to his former US college radio hit, ‘Morning in Brixton’.

With a laid back, indie-acoustic style and honest, endearing lyricism- Pallab’s new track is worth wrapping your ears around!

Find out more here:








Artist of the week:

Some nice chilled out indie-rock from FELLOW BOHEMIAN

fellow bohemian.jpg

Check out their track, “Ceremony” on Soundcloud below:

The Californian group have a beautiful summer sound that’s perfect for getting you in the right mood to drive through windy roads with the car top down!

You can find them on Facebook here:https://www.facebook.com/fellowbohemian