Hitting the ‘Soundwaves: Meet The Captain Of The Lost Waves


Ahoy there! Bringing our heads firmly back to sea-level for the time being, we want to introduce your new SoundCloud obsession: the  esoteric Captain of The Lost Waves’. 

Legends permeate around the misty waters concerning The Captain of The Lost Waves. Dressed head-to-toe in a Vaudevillian get-up, The Captain is certainly a sight to behold. Known primarily for his absurdly engaging live productions, including well received performances at the Glastonbury Arts and Edinburgh Fringe, The Captain is every bit as enchanting on the soundwaves.

The Captain, who lists time travelling, standing on his head and tea drinking on the planet Hixxlyvoom among his hobbies, is a celebration of the renaissance of the bard starring their very own folk opera. Through his mystical voyages he has mesmerised and captivated his audiences, seeing expressions transforming from the rigid and terrified to the joyous and amiable.

The Captain of the Lost Waves is sure to appeal to diverse audiences, despite his wholly idiodsyncratic style. Whether you are a fan of the Steampunk aesthetic or of the story-telling prowess of bands like The Decemberists, you will enjoy the whimsy of The Captain.

The first single/video from the album Synthesis will be ‘Uniforms‘ will be released on 12th November but for the time being, check out the tracks on his (you guessed it) Soundcloud!

If you don’t quite get the concept of our website, feel free to check out The Captain on other platforms! Links below:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2eMXY1pFGHO20S02fCNF5e

Youtube: www.youtube.com/captainofthelostwaves

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/captainofthelostwaves

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CaptainOTLW

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/captainofthelostwaves

Website: http://www.captainofthelostwaves.com

Fergus Mckay and Nothing Concrete are defying laws with their Multi-Linguistic Troop of Talented Musicians


Yes, we’ve finally done it, we as human-beings have finally reached the pinnacle of musical obscurity. That is no disrespect to the wonderful stylistics of Fergus Mckay and The Nothing Concrete, but there is something definitely concrete about their music!

The acoustic-led combination of folk, 30’s swing jazz and a bluesy country cabaret polka, is not quite like anything you’ve heard before, but is a fresh reminder of just how good the history of music really is. The band consists of a plethora of nationalities such as a Scot, an Italian, a Frenchman, multiple sax players (one of them Belgian) and a Jewish percussionist. This band and their wonderful love for cramming into tight spaces (see the image below for example) have really hit the ground running with this innovative take on historical music ideology.

How does this all come about?

‘Old Black Crow’ was written about ten years ago and was part of Fergus’ busking set all over Europe. Having travelled extensively over the years all around Europe, Fergus has soaked up the lives of many who he has observed and has woven so many of them into his songs. It is clear that the influence of travel has played a part in the culture that is endeavoured into the sound of this band. Overall, their sound clearly reflects their lifestyle, shunning technology like a modern day Amish without a trace of technology within a 100 mile radius.

Old Black Crow

The track in question ‘Old Black Crow’ is everything mentioned in the above text. It’s different, it’s new, it’s old, IT IS GREAT.  The overall mix of the track is fairly well balanced. The saxophones give a nice lining, whilst the other instruments sit nicely within their placement in the stereo mix. The vocals, at first, are fairly drowned out by the extravagant sounds of the bluesy overtones. But once you hear that vocal punch through, you get a real sense of living life ‘through the ages’ as it tells the story of the song.

The big question on the minds of many, would be ‘where do they take this next?’ Well, with Fergus Mckay’s extravagant life of travelling (god they must love airports…) we have no doubt that their future tracks will be even more bluesier than the last.


Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/fergus-mckay

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3TpvO9BbsFcP0MOJAO0Cwg

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Urs0Moqiq-s

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nothingconcrete1      

Twitter: @bandolinofergus

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fergusmckay/   

Website: www.nothing-concrete.com 

‘Recycle Your Regrets’ by Chase The River

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Check out the new album from Irish folk artist, Chase The River, entitled ‘Recycle Your Regrets’.

Having gone through a series of unfortunate events in recent years, CTR has formed a highly introspective album that displays his songwriting talents at their best.

Find out more here:









Folk duo Yeti Love want to draw you in with their new single ‘Deep’


This unique approach is further developed with new single ‘Deep’- released on September 7th, two weeks before a debut self-titled album.

You can enjoy it here:

Live Dates:

August 29th  Airballoon Garden Party Coulsdon

More dates to follow…






Yeti Love want to take you down their ‘Lonely Road’ with new single

Folk, Punk

Single impact date set for June 15th

Named thanks to enduring love/fear of the vaunted mythical creature, Yeti Love is the musical moniker of songwriters Peter Hamilton and Dave Sears – a folk duo who view the genre as this generation’s punk music, able to articulate about issues and press all the right buttons in all the wrong places.

Hamilton is also influenced by his own ancestry, being half Spanish and, at a young age, he fell in love with the folk traditions of home town Galicia. Having started as a drummer before expanding his own musical skills, his love of rhythm was informed by this specific branch of celtic roots music. Married to Sears’ intricate, multi-instrumental approach, the result is a hybrid sound unlike any other act on the circuit today.

New single, ‘Lonely Road’, is set for release on June 15th, and you can hear it here.


The pair have labelled their unique combination as ‘alt-rogue-folk-rock’, which is as fitting a description as any. Based in South London, they have been playing together since 2012 and ‘Lonely Road’ is the latest fruit of their labours.

In the years since their foundation, Yeti Love have been slowly building in following an momentum thanks to their thoughtful songwriting and stunningly eye catching live show, which has earned them some great online press for their work up until this point. The buzz is building, and in ‘Lonely Road’ they have the right vehicle to continue on that journey.

The single will be available from June 15th.




Sandy Kilpatrick newest track ‘Your Love is a Weapon’ to be taken from album ‘The Shaman’s Call’


Scottish singer-songwriter set to unveil new album on June 15th

An acoustic-folk singer-songwriter, Sandy Kilpatrick is now Portugal based having been born and raised in Scotland. His new album, ‘The Shaman’s Call’, is the latest stunning release in a career that has grown organically over time, with his sound echoing great songwriters as wide ranging as David Bowie and Damien Rice, while retaining his own unique take on the genre.

Those developing years have been spent surrounded by talents who have made it to the mainstream, such as close friend and New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham. Now Sandy Kilpatrick aims to follow in their footsteps.

Having lived in various parts of the UK before moving to Portugal to be with his family, Sandy Kilpatrick’s particular brand of accessible folk music has a well-travelled feel to it. Inspired by a wide ranging exploration of all of life’s experience as seen through Sandy Kilpatrick’s eyes as a writer, Sandy’s last album ‘Redemption Road’ was notable enough to gain the support of key BBC tastemakers Guy Garvey and Mark Radcliffe. One track was even used by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on his ‘Best Bits of 2013’ video.PRimage

‘The Shaman’s Call’ marks further progression for Sandy Kilpatrick as an artist, guided out of the gate by new single ‘Your Love Is a Weapon’, a song which focuses on the intimacy and solitude of the writer at work: https://soundcloud.com/sandykilpatrick/your-love-is-a-weapon

 Like this track, the album as a whole is designed to feel raw, and not hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of big production. The lyrics are intimate and thoughtful, hitting many highs, lows and moments of heartfelt poignancy – many of which listeners will immediately relate to.





New Sounds On Their Way From Irish Singer-Songwriter Carl Finlay


Following the success of his previous single ‘So Hard to be Happy’, Irish singer-songwriter Carl Finlay is set to release brand new single ‘Message to the Dreamer’ on March 16th AND debut album ‘Follow the Moon’ on March 30th.

His individual style is infectious, his lyrics are bursting with emotion and wisdom, and we can’t wait to listen to the full album. An eclectic mix of folk – drawn from his Irish roots, combined with rock and reggae influences, Carl conveys raw emotion, positivity and enlightenment through his music. He studies mankind’s ideologies through his intricate style of musical storytelling.

‘Message to the Dreamer’ divulges an upbeat, positive vibe whilst other tracks convey raw emotion and enlightenment. Check out ‘Message to the Dreamer’ here: https://soundcloud.com/carl-finlay/carl-finlay-message-to-the-dreamer

Having worked with Rupert Cobb (The Killers, Muse, Massive Attack) on the album, it’s certainly got our ears twitching with anticipation!