Alice’s Night Circus gives The Greatest Showman a run for his money

Experimental, Pop

In December last year, cinema’s worldwide released sing-a-long smash hit ‘The Greatest Showman’, but ringmaster Julia Scott has got a new circus that isn’t for the faint-hearted. Eccentric singer Julia Scott (pictured above) provides a entire new world of symphonic sounds with her new theatrical single ‘Stand Up’ under the alias Alice’s Night Circus. The track exudes emotion and Julia is able to portray this with her powerful vocals which cut clean through the middle of the track, leaving you encapsulated by her voice.

Behind the curtains (yes, that was ANOTHER circus pun) Julia was brought up in Sheffield, UK, and has been classically trained in the vocal department from an early age, which absolutely clarifies why her voice is outstandingly powerful. The plethora of knowledge she has gained from her musical training has allowed her to be influenced by several genres such as opera, musicals, jazz and symphonic metal.

You may be thinking, where does the influence come from? Was it Hugh Jackman’s incredibly apt portrayal of P T Barnum? Or does she just really love the Circus? Julia explains that her love for Steampunk inspired the look and name of her project. The lust for a sub-genre of Science Fiction is something that cannot be ignored, as similar things have been married up in the past i.e multi-award-winning rock gods, Muse, and their love for outer-space.

She actually made her debut live appearance under the Alice pseudonym at the world’s largest and longest running Steampunk festival called The Asylum in Lincoln. It was there she met fine art photographer Gary Nicholls, who went on to feature her in his photography book The Imaginarium which is centered around steampunks.

So, we’ve stated the obvious, her vocals are out of this world, but what is it that makes Alice’s Night Circus so bloody brilliant? Of course, it’s the originality of it all. There is no doubt that this project has the potential to go far, and we think that Julia still has a few more tricks up her sleeve before the night is over.









Words: James Cane | @DJJAMESCANE 


Listen to the striking Javelin and their track ‘Light Out’

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The track is from the album ‘Hi Beams’

Javelin’s highly anticipated second full length album “Hi Beams“. The record represents a more holistic approach to writing and recording than previously attempted by the band. Lyrics and vocal harmonies are for the first time foregrounded in decidedly songlike forms, while the songs are made to be performed in concert rather than as a patchwork of fragmented, glittery shards.

Listen here:

Jordan Rakei releases superlative debut album ‘Cloak’ via 4101 Records and Soul Has No Tempo



Delving deeper into his creative well, Jordan has delivered a record that continues to push personal and societal boundaries, a visionary journey through groove based soul, jazz and hip-hop with hints of psychedelia and afro percussive rhythms. 

Written and recorded in his new adopted home of London, Cloak is a scintillating and timeless debut drawing influence and inspiration from the discovery of meditation, the separation from ego and a personal conversation with self. With guest appearances from fellow Australian’sRemi. and Ngaiire – and a feature cameo by the sublime Richard Spaven on ‘Toko’Cloakwill take you down the rabbit hole as Rakei expertly navigates explosive new boundaries, where colour and sound collide.

A raw and rare talent, Jordan Rakei (New Zealand born, Brisbane raised, and now London based) has been making waves internationally with his refreshing, modern take on jazz and hip-hop influenced soul. A multi-faceted artist, Rakei switches with ease between his various roles as a musician, producer, singer and songwriter; enchanting audiences with his powerful and captivating live performances. 

As Jordan explains in the recently unveiled ‘Uncloaked’ documentary, his sound has developed and changed since his two previously released EP’s. “Usually I’m quite shy when I’m showing people my music…but when I play my album, it just speaks for itself because it covers so many sound palest.”

Trailblazing his way to the top over the past year, Jordan’s co-written track ‘Masterpiece’ (which he also features on) went on to close Disclosure‘s Grammy-Nominated sophomore album, ‘Caracal’, alongside other featured artists NAOGregory PorterMiguelThe Weeknd and Lorde

Jordan has also seen fruitful collaborations with the likes of: Tom Misch, on his latest full length ‘Beat Tape 2’ (on the track ‘Wake Up This Day’); East London rapper Barney Artist, on his 2016 album ‘Painting Sounds’ (on the track ‘I’m Going To Tell You’), and with acclaimed Australian artist Ta-ku – amongst numerous others.

Speaking more on the release of his new body of work ‘Cloak’, Jordan went on to say: “To people that have been following me for the past few years, this album will come as a surprise. You’ve got to take risks, and you’ve got to push yourself as an artist. I’ve definitely pushed some boundaries…”

A wonderfully ambitious, immersive, diverse record, ‘Cloak’ encompasses aspects from a large selection of reference points – including acid-jazz, hip-hop, soul, and RnB.

Kicking off 2016 with a sold out AUS/NZ tour, four sold-out London headline shows of his own, followed by UK supports for ‘Caracal’-comrade NAO, fellow soul-man Jamie Woon and Fat Freddy’s Drop – not to mention headlining the Annie Mac Presents live series – it is set to be a huge year for Rakei. 

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Carina Round – Deranged and Divine

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This self curated collection from Wolverhampton born Carina Round, brings together, for the first time, material spanning from 2001 to 2015 taken from her first four critically acclaimed albums: ‘The First Blood Mystery’, ‘The Disconnection’, ‘Slow Motion Addict’, ‘Tigermending’, as well as the EP ‘Things You Should Know’, home to the included track ‘For Everything a Reason’ which featured on the TV series ’American Horror Story: Murder House’. Complimented with two previously unreleased recordings, the bewitching ‘Gunshot’ and an alternate version of the track ‘Want More’, this collection perfectly illustrates the uniqueness of Round’s voice, barbed wire lyrics and a catalogue of haunting and beautiful songs.

As one of the UK’s most enigmatic songstresses and extraordinary performers, Round’s music has also won her fans and collaborators amongst highly regarded musicians including Maynard James Keenan, Lou Reed, Ryan Adams, Billy Corgan, Dave Stewart and Brian Eno, amongst many others. ‘Deranged to Divine’ is a retrospective not only for Carina’s passionate fan base, who have avidly supported her musical output and extensive touring, celebrating her as one of Britain’s most evocative, diverse and restless artists.

For Carina, now based in California and currently working on a new solo record, ‘Deranged to Divine’ also serves as the ideal introduction to her work as a solo artist to fans of Puscifer, the electro-industrial alterna-sunstrokers founded by Tool’s Maynard James Keenan, of which Round is also a member. Puscifer are currently enjoying international success with their recent album ‘Money Shot’ and it’s accompanying sold out tour. Beautifully packaged, with career spanning imagery by acclaimed photographers and a complete set of lyrics selected and compiled by Carina, ‘Deranged to Divine’ is a terrific addition to anyone’s record collection, and an essential one to any fan of Carina Round.

 Release date – August 12th 2016


  1. You Will Be Loved
  2. Into My Blood
  3. Backseat
  4. Girl and the Ghost
  5. Elegy (US Version)
  6. Gunshot
  7. Come to You
  8. You and Me
  9. Downslow
  10. Message to Apollo
  11. Slow Motion Addict
  12. Overcome
  13. Want More (Alternate Version)
  14. How I See It
  15. For Everything a Reason
  16. Lacuna (Radio Version)
  17. Mother’s Pride
  18. The Secret of Drowning / Previously Unreleased / Vinyl Debut


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Adam Lanceley – the man who was told he would never walk or talk again after a childhood brain injury – now a marathon runner and singer-songwriter


After a brain injury left him unable to walk or talk, marathon-runner and singer-songwriter Adam Lanceley has defied all odds, now releasing his new creative single ‘The Dream of Yesterday’.

As a child, Adam Lanceley was involved in car crash suffering a crushed pelvis, damage to his legs and a serious brain injury. Doctors said it would be unlikely that he’d ever walk or talk again. Determined to prove them wrong, Adam has since achieved incredible feats.

Watch this video to hear his story:

Presented by the late HRH Princess Diana, Adam’s recovery was so remarkable that he was one of 150 children to achieve the McDonald’s Child of Achievement. Before realising his passion for music, his sights were set on acting, getting offered a place at The BRIT school (which he now regrets turning down!).

Adam was still able to find a place at East 15 Acting School, but soon found acting wasn’t for him: ‘This might have been a step too far – coupled with my vulnerable nature, a side effect of my head injuries, it had a detrimental impact on my mental health. I began to find acting too restrictive & had a lot of my own feelings that I would rather express in my own way, rather than someone else’s ideas in a script.

Choosing to pursue a music career, Adam has already released several albums slowly developing his sound into the unique brand it is today. Deliberately relying on an old-skool production style and using unconventional instrumentation, his new colourful album Postcards From Then… is a must-listen for anyone looking for something a little left-field.


Stream here on Soundcloud:

If learning to speak again wasn’t already impressive enough, Adam has pushed himself to become a singer, developing his own unique vocal style: ‘I still have the gift of being able to communicate emotion and feeling through my music. What makes it more meaningful to me is that relearning my life skills includes having to learn to talk again.

Adam is dedicated to raising money for The Brain and Spine Foundation and has run a number of 10k runs and two marathons in support.


Postcards From Then… is set to be released May 23rd



Haunting new album Cherry Fair from singer-songwriter Stephen Harrison

Alternative, Folk

‘…like postcards from an earlier, purer, more positive time’ – The Sunday Herald on Stephen’s previous album Today Tomorrow

English-born, Scottish-residing singer-songwriter Stephen Harrison delivers this intimate and heartfelt new folk record Cherry Fair.

Having written his own songs since he was a teenager, Stephen got into music through legendary sixties acts such as The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, Donovan, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and George Harrison – the music that his older siblings would listen to.

As a teenager I was writing folk songs on acoustic guitar. Aged 16, I would strap my guitar on my back and head off ‘on my moped’ to places such as the Barnoldswick Folk Club.

During the late seventies, Stephen’s musical interests shifted. Attending the Edinburgh College Of Art in 1977, he was founding member of the post-punk band Metropak. The band supported the likes of The Rezillos and Josef K, and received airplay from John Peel.

Having since disbanded, Stephen has now returned to his folk roots. His new album draws on his experience, exploring an array of pensive topics from unrequited love to reconciliation to the brevity of life.  The subject matter deepens as the tracks progress.

Although minimal in sound, Cherry Fair is the result of a lot careful time and effort, Stephen going to great lengths to achieve the perfect sound using unconventional guitar tunings and a particular picking style. Vocals are often recorded multiple times so that he can achieve the exact phrasing. The result is a very clean and polished record.

Stream the album here on Soundcloud:

As well as having a passion in music, Stephen is also a keen painter. Emotional tone plays a key part in his interest in the arts.

Artists that Stephen can be compared to include the likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, early Lou Reed and Richard Hawley.


Cherry Fair is out 9th May



Liverpool newcomers Youth Hostel  unveil sunshine indie-pop debut 

Alternative, Indie


With the sun lighting up our office this morning we’ve got some suitably upbeat, catchy, indie-pop for you to check out from Liverpool newcomers Youth Hostel. Already played twice by the legendary Janice Long on Radio 2, it’s coming out via The Label Recordings (the guys behind the debut Hooton Tennis Club single before they signed to Heavenly Recordings).

Listen to them here:

We are Bandicoot- The Reason


Kent five-piece We Are Bandicoot have been topping the lists of Indie tastemakers throughout 2016. The raucous new single “The Reason” out Monday 16th May shows just why the young experimental muso’s are causing such a song and dance, literally.

God only knows how many amps We Are Bandicoot must have blown up in the making of “The Reason”, the grooving, fuzz-heavy powerhouse of an indie-rock banger. The downright erotic guitars pulled straight from the top shelf of guitar tones, crashing drums and inventive vocal hooks and harmonies have secured the attention of more than just the Internet’s most revered bloggers.

Legendary S’Express track remixed by Reuben Wu of Ladytron


“Mark from S’Express used to come round to my house in the early PiL days. They made very good dance records. I was quite pleased and surprised that they said I influenced them. There is no similarity in sound and approach at all, but that’s where they are getting it right. They didn’t copy.”John Lydon, taken from John Robb’s Punk Rock An Oral History

“Mark Moore! The wizard from the Mud Club. The first DJ I was a true fan of. An artist to whom I owed everything during my time in London, who’d taught me about whole areas of music I’d never known existed.”Laurent Garnier, taken from Electrochoc

“Mark was someone who introduced me to how DJing could be glamorous. He dressed very well, in gold lamé jackets, with bouffant hair and makeup. In a day and age where DJs weren’t entertaining to look at, he was actually entertaining to look at. His presence was quite something.” Harvey

“Moore was one of the first DJs to play house music in the UK. He was also the band leader of S-Express, an all-round fabuloso and a modern dandy of the highest order. We salute him, verily.” DJ History

On 27th May the legacy and influence of Mark Moore and S’Express is celebrated with ‘Enjoy This Trip’ – a collection of remixes and cover versions by artists Mark has been an influence on and friend to, including Chris & Cosey, Tom Furse from The Horrors, Horse Meat Disco and Ray Mang. The album art is a homage the punk-era work of artist Linder Sterling and is designed by another friend – Trevor Jackson.

A bundle of bonus remixes and extended versions is also available digitally including Primal Scream’s cover of ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’, taken from their Record Store Day single.

Mark Moore is a respected and loved character, who’s deeply-ingrained in the history of UK club culture, and is hugely influential on both dance and pop music.

Having been around since the vibrant pre-house days of early 80s London, regularly attending cultural hotbed The Blitz, Mark first started DJing at Philip Salon’s legendary Mud Club when the resident DJ Tasty Tim asked him to fill in one night. Due to his extensive record collection of disco, new wave and italo Mark was a huge hit with the crowd and was immediately offered a residency, which he held for over five years.

As a regular attendee and occasional DJ at another feted London nightspot – The Wag – Mark even made it into the video for David Bowie’s ‘Blue Jean’, which casted London’s nocturnal creative elite.

Mark also held a residency at Heaven’s lauded Asylum night (which later became Pyramid). He was one of the first supporters of Chicago house and Detroit techno in Britain, (mixing it with electronic European dance music like Yello, Soft Cell and Cabaret Voltaire), alongside Colin Favor and Evil Eddie Richards. Being the first night in the UK to play house music, the venue attracted Danny Rampling, Mr C, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, The Pet Shop Boys, and even Liza Minelli. This led to Rampling offering Mark guest spots at the seminal Shoom nights, and also a guest set at The Hacienda’s Zumbar party.

Having played a key part in the UK’s house music rise, Mark took things up yet another level. His idea to form S’Express with co-producer Pascal Gabriel was a natural progression from life as a regular on the club scene. Swept along on a huge wave of excitement for acid and rave culture, S’Express had a number one chart smash with ‘The Theme from S-Express’. This was their first of several worldwide hit records which helped thrust these new sounds into the world’s spotlight and positioned dance music/DJ culture as a viable force. Mark’s meteoric rise to fame – due in part to his flamboyance and fabulousness – paved the way for electronic dance music stars to come.

With Mark’s keen ear for new talent, the first S’Express album ‘Original Soundtrack’ featured vocals from a girl just starting her singing career – one Billie Ray Martin. The second LP, ‘Intercourse’, featured additional production from then then barely-known William Orbit and Carl Craig.

Mark has remixed Prince, Erasure, Malcolm McLaren, Randy Crawford, Divine & Bobby O, Dead or Alive, The B52s and Soft Cell. A (surprising) additional remix/collaboration was with Philip Glass, who Mark befriended following their work together on a version of ‘Hey Music Lover’.

Moore has written and published short stories and interviewed Siouxsie Sioux and John Waters for publications including i-D. He appeared in the documentary ‘Joy Of Disco’ and guested on a recent news program in tribute to David Bowie, both for the BBC.

A unique and eclectic DJ, complete with trademark red telephone-headphones, he still throws parties for the cognoscenti and plays choice DJ sets at some of the world’s finest clubs, and also as support for Psychic TV, Grace Jones and Scissor Sisters live shows.

In recent years Mark has been at the helm of infamous nights that carry the torch for artistic and glamorous extravagance like ‘Electrogogo’ and ‘Can Can’, which have featured DJ sets from Bobby Gillespie and Marc Almond. His newest endeavour is the ‘Private Life ‘ nights at the Victoria in Dalston), where the music policy harks back to legendary New York clubs like The Roxy and Danceteria circa ‘79 – ‘84.

Mark has also ran several labels: Splish, Stylofiction and Bone in the 90′s – followed by Umami in the noughties and his new imprint Needle Boss, whilst his recent productions include ‘Dreams Of Deja Vu’ with Roland Faber and S’Express’s ‘Excursions EP’, which featured remixes by Vanilla Ace, The Supermen Lovers, I-Robots, Punks Jump Up.

“Mark Moore is often cited as one of the UK pioneers who championed house.” Greg Wilson