Victoria Hoffman Releases Indie Confessional “Hopeless Love”

Sammy May

Now based in Nottingham, via the unlikely route of Nigeria and Greece, Victoria Hoffman’s new single, ‘Hopeless Love‘, is released today (5th April) and captures her indie-folk style and confessional lyrics. Having only started writing songs in 2018, ‘Hopeless Love’ is her third single and comes ahead of a proposed debut album release in the Summer.

Though Hoffman’s family were all based in the field of medicine, she was determined to become a singer songwriter, a choice which was met with amusement and more barbed criticism online, where she was scorned for making music in such a wide variety of genres not typically associated with a black musician. These prejudices have only helped to fuel her desire to make the music she wants to make, the latest being ‘Hopeless Love’, which Victoria explains the story behind:

“This is a song about boy who sees girl on a bus and they have an instant connection. They both were in a relationship already, which makes things even more dramatic. They were seeing each other secretly, hoping they won’t get caught – unfortunately, it didn’t last long, the girl had to move away, and a few years later, she is married with kids and she is thinking of what it could have been, hitting that she would like to meet the guy again.”





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Abraham Trai Releases Soulful Debut Single ‘THE ONE’

Singer-songwriter Abraham Trai has released his debut single, The One.

The song is melodic and teeming with the soul that any good ballad has.

Abraham’s softly sonorous voice is accompanied and complimented by spritely piano keys, gentle harmonies and romantically emotive lyrics.

Inspired by some of soulful pop’s greatest artists such as Adele and Lewis Capaldi, Abraham Trai moved to London from his native France to pursue his music dreams.

Written with Louisa Glanville, The One showcases Abraham’s delicate soulful vocals with minimal piano, creating a touching track which captures the heartbreak of losing someone you love in your life.

Dedicating himself to writing every day, his tracks are designed to reflect real situations and the ups and downs of relationships – most of all, Abraham wants listeners to know that anyone feeling loneliness or unhappiness is not alone. The One is the first release from an album entitled MMXXII which is expected to be released in 2022.

You can find Abraham Trai on:


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SHK Takes Unique Inspiration From MMA Fighter, In Latest Single ‘Undefeated’

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Pakistan-born singer-songwriter SHK, has released an anthem for all with his new song ‘Undefeated’, A lyrical motivation for everyone to follow their dreams.

Now living in Reading, England, SHK has taken inspiration from a very unlikely source. With his main passions alongside music being poetry, spirituality, self-reformation, and martial arts, SHK takes inspiration from this combination to create an upbeat, empowering tune, which is sure to motivate listeners.

Alongside this track, SHK has released an inspired music video with symbols to strength and power throughout:

One of his biggest inspirations for this song was his admiration for Russian mixed-martial artist, Khabib Nurmagomedov, who has remained undefeated in all 28 of his fights. Being one of SHKs personal heroes and having gained legendary status in the world of MMA, Nurmagomedov has remained a devoted and dedicated Muslim throughout.

“I have been really inspired by his hard-work, skills, integrity, discipline and unconquerable spirit. I think he is a great role-model for any professional, especially for Muslims”

The pop-rock tune is catchy and uplifting, with a memorable melody and sing-along chorus that has a deeply embedded life lesson presented lyrically. ‘Unbeatable’ portrays the message to always be true to yourself and overcome any obstacles that may come forth.

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Nonviolenze’s Philosophical Album ‘Ghosts Of War’ Celebrates Unification In An Audio-Visual Experience.

Texas-based prog musician Nonviolenze is set to release his upcoming debut album ‘Ghosts Of War’ 16thOctober. 

Emigrating to Houston, Texas from his home country India, singer, songwriter and guitarist Shri Baratan (known under the pseudonym as Nonviolenze) creates an ambiguous soundscape of heavenly instrumentation. Concocting a luscious blend of polymath, cool jazz, pop, rock and blues tied with dynamic poetry and psychedelic paintings to accompany the music, the artistic brilliance radiated from Nonviolenze shines infectiously bright. 

Exploring a whole three-octave range, the vocal textures utilised throughout his music conjure an enchanting fleet of amazement. Accompanied by a unique guitar-playing style, Nonviolenze’s music is a dreamy blend of harmonious melodies. 

If his sound didn’t set him apart from others alone, Nonviolenze paints his own illustrations in order to create an audio-visual experience for the listener. With the topic of his album questioning how scriptures of all faiths often lead to division, hate and war, as well as questioning the topics of poverty, politics, human rights and equality, the illustrations play a huge role in really manifesting Nonviolenze’s philosophical messages. 

On one part so daringly unique, the contemporary sounds and profound lyrics on the album highlights a clear message: diversification should be celebrated and unite us together, instead of dividing us apart. 

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Words: Libby Driscoll

Estelle California Releases a Powerful Tribute

Estelle California‘s own ‘triumph against adversity’ , has not only inspired her music, but the way she relates to others. Her latest single, ‘Black is the True Light‘, is a dedication to those who have suffered, a spiritual message which surpasses diverse cultures and backgrounds.

After Estelle traveled though Africa, the people she had met, and things she experienced, led her to believe her true purpose was to aid black communities and others who had been oppressed all over the globe. After overcoming her own struggles, Estelle made it her goal to inspire others with her words and her music.

It is my love, purpose and my duty to shine the black glory and the light of resilience that comes out of the darkness

Black is the True Light – Estelle California

The single is from Estelle’s new EP, My Name is Freedom, and sees her accompanied by many notable musicians, who have performed with the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. The line-up includes: producer and drummer Narada Michael Walden, guitarist Vernon “Ice” Black James Henry and veteran vocalists Larry Batiste, Cornell Carter and Tony Lindsay.

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Escaping the urban dungeon in Grime-Urban artist D-Saro’s latest single ‘Conundrum’

Already well acquainted with the music scene having previously worked with Roll DeepWiley, The Game and most recently his involvement in the charity single Save Me, backed by the likes of Stormzy and Harry KaneD-Saro is no stranger to the production of music made to be admired.

Available now on SoundCloud but to be open to purchase on all digital platforms 27th January, Conundrum is an energetic Afro beat single, telling the story of trying to escape the conundrum of every day life. Staying true to his motto ‘true stories, deep lyrics, real life, no gimmicks’, the lyrical depiction of breaking free from the urban dungeon and the 9-5 routine outlines real people going about their real lives with as yet unfulfilled aspirations and is one that resonates with a lot of us.

Although D-Saro‘s style is more consistently one that resonates with more urban grime artists, Conundrum also incorporates a more dancehall feel with his reggaeton vibes, island-style instrumentals and funky bassline, D-Saro‘s latest release is one of innovative sound.




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Groovy indie outfit The Northcoast release dazzling single ‘With You’

“With You is the perfect musical mix of dance, synthpop and indie sheen. Its bubbly rhythm-driving guitar riff feels lifted from “Songs from the Big Chair” or “Purple Rain”, bouncing with the same excitement that Michael Jackson’s guitarists brought to their hits in the 1980s” – Mitch Mosk (CEO Atwood Magazine)

Hailing from different locations across the north coast of America, The Northcoast’s three members come from New York, New Jersey and Seattle. They are the perfect example of how distance is no barrier to making music and with the aid of technology they have been emailing projects to each other and making music for over 10 years.

“With You” is their latest sparkly single, produced by Tom Lord-Alge, and is the perfect accompaniment to a long road trip or lazing on the grass on a summer’s day.

Watch/Listen to “With You” here:

Each member of the group has played at least three instruments since childhood and this, combined with their multi-cultural backgrounds, has given the group a plethora of musical influences and experience. Combining the pumping beats of Michael Jackson and bass lines of Passion Pit and Chvrches, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Northcoast have realised their childhood dream of both making and performing music. Having made an impact on the stages of Vans Warped Tour and played alongside big names such as Gia Farrell, their future is already looking bright!



Jaunty summer anthem ‘Young You’ from excitingly fresh Norwegian indie giants KMF – (Kakkmaddafakka)


This band has undeniable chemistry!’ – IndieBerlin

Get your head in this sound cloud…


Norwegian indie band KMF (Kakkmaddafakka) spearhead their own unique effervescent sound on this summery single ‘Young You’.

The song is a feelgood blend of groovy bass, bouncy pianos and breezy reverb-soaked vocals. You can feel the warm rays of the sun on your face whilst listening to it.

Listen to the single here:


The band hail from the beautiful city of Bergen, where they have grown from a small local group to an internationally recognised act. Their Facebook band page currently has over 150, 000 likes.

Having toured all over the world, KMF regularly play to 5000 fans at their own club shows across the continent and have appeared at and headlined stages at renowned festivals such as Melt! Festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival, Arenal Sound in Spain and Hurricane Festival. With support constantly coming their way, they seem destined to continue onwards and upwards and are not likely to stop until their out the stratosphere.

The group proclaim themselves to be ‘sauna extremists’, having gone so far as to perform naked in a sauna once on Norwegian national news!

Amongst sauna-extremism, the band’s other hobbies include football, gaming and Djing (two of the members Axel and Pål run a popular club concept ‘Klubben’ and a hip hop night in Bergen – proof of a band with eclectic musical tastes).

On May 31st the band will be playing an exclusive UK show at the prestige O2 Academy Islington.

‘Young You’ is out May 13th and is set to appear on the group’s upcoming self-titled album KMF set for release June 3rd.

Kakkmaddafakka can get the muddy dance floors of the European festival circuit pumping – but they can prop you up against a tree to lounge in the midsummer sun, too.






Texas crooner, Andy Meadows, releases upbeat swing single ‘Never Be The Same’

‘…it’s as if Fort Worth, the home of cowboys and culture, has been cannily reduced to musical form.” Preston Jones Telegram

 ‘Never Be The Same’ is the latest fun upbeat swing single from rising Texas artist Andy Meadows set to appear on his upcoming album Modern Day Crooner.

Accompanied by a vibrant 9 piece band, Andy delivers a swanky crooning voice powerful enough to compete with the likes of Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra. Steel guitar and fiddles meanwhile add a country vibe that harks back to Andy’s roots.

Lyrically, the song centres around being love-struck.

Andy explains the inspiration behind it: ‘I fell in love with the new girl at work and it had been years since I’d felt that way and I’d forgotten how wonderful and terrible falling in love can be, the sleepless nights the anticipation of a phone call or text, then analyzing what each text really means and how quickly or slowly you should respond, wondering if you should kiss her or shouldn’t kiss her, trying to play it cool when you see her even though it’s probably obvious that you’re madly in love with her. You know, the usual stuff.


Growing up in a country radio station owned by his father, the singer developed his interest in music at an early age. He started writing songs at the age of 16 and originally had plans to pursue a career as an opera singer winning his way into Texas Tech University as a vocal performance major. However, knowing opera wasn’t his real passion, he later transferred to South Plains College to study commercial music.


Andy is 6ft5in tall and was recently invited to the Dallas Tall People’s Club. ‘I never went but I find it really odd that there’s a club made up of people and the only thing they have in common is that they’re all tall. I guess they just sit around and talk about where they buy their pants.


‘Never Be The Same’ is available here to stream:





Andrea Di Giovanni releases atmospheric new electropop single ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’

A Soundcloud teaser for you!

21-year-old Italian-born singer, Andrea Giovanni, is set to release atmospheric new electropop song, ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’, set to drop April 15th. Taking influence vocally from Sam Smith and Jess Glynne, the artist delivers a soaring vocal performance that has the potential to appeal both to underground fans and the masses. Marco Casaluce produces the instrumental, opening with brooding synth swells before erupting with some hard-hitting bass.

Catch a teaser here:

Raised in Rome, Andrea moved to the UK in 2013 to pursue his dreams as a singer. A sufferer of the rare skin condition vitiligo, Andrea was bullied in the youth for the affliction putting him in a very dark place. His strict Catholic upbringing also made it hard for him to openly come to terms with his bixesuality. Moving to the UK, he was able to finally find acceptance, learning to embrace them as strengths instead of weaknesses.

As he explains himself, ‘I started to see vitiligo as my edge and distinctive characteristic of my personality, a strength. I decided to show it in the covert art-work of the single, ‘taking care of myself’ means also the ability to transform what you’ve always considered weaknesses into beautiful strengths.

Andrea also has an EP ‘Soultrip’ on the way scheduled for release in July.

(photo credit: Barbara Gallozzi – Photo Studio Imag&vents)






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